Food Jewelry

Also I am a lover of sweet & delicious things – wonderful cupcakes with sugar or red juicy strawberries.But our food can not only look good on our plate but also to us;) I show you the latest trend: food jewelery.

Jewelery Trend:Food jewelry for biting

According to cachedJewelry, everything is allowed in the area of ​​jewelery – in every age class.So girls, grab the treats and decorate with it.And I mean not only the candy jewelery, but jewelry with all kinds of food. Especially popular are fruits because they emphasize the innocent essence of a woman.Whether apple, strawberry or pineapple.How do you find our “Ananas”?We find you to bite!

But also other food such as corn, bananas & Co. can dangle. Just have a look in our section Food Jewelry:Food Jewelry

Candy jewelry – jewelry with sweets

A special component of the food jewelery is the candy jewelery.The main focus here is on caloric sweets.Whether as an ice cream cone around the neck or a delicious cake piece on the ear – we see women bite!I especially like illustrated sweets like the necklace “Ice” or the earrings “Cupcake”.

In candy jewelery, however, you must pay attention, do not exaggerate.We are unfortunately no more 6!So better put a sweet piece in the scene.

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