How about learning to cook four wall clocks with materials you have at home? Vinyl, frames, bicycle wheel and paper plates can transform into unique pieces.
The watches are indispensable to the home, because, in addition to functional, are also a very nice decorative item. Combined with the usefulness of the clock, there is a preference for custom objects, which reflect individuality.Check out the models below and release your creativity!

Vinyl Clock
For music lovers, the vinyl records are recyclable and stylish decoration. For this item, choose one side of the disk, preferably containing imperfections, to stand against the wall. With a high fixation glue, attach a plastic clock face chosen.
On the other side, fit the hands. If you prefer, paint them with white enamel or water based correction, to contrast with the vinyl.

Frame Clock
Another option that can be easily made is the clock, in which you can put the pictures and photos you want. For this, choose 12 frames and align them around the clock, machine representing each number.

Bike Wheel Clock
According to TheelitesWatches, this watch is ideal for fans of the pedal stroke. To mount it, just insert the machine of a clock in the central cavity of the gear.

Clock of paper plates
The clock made with paper plates is an idea for those who want to spend a good time with the kids. To do this, write the numbers around the edge of the dish, using a ruler to keep a space between them. Then, make a hole in the Center, place the machine and watch the hands, which can be surrounded by strips of paper. Release your imagination and decorate as desired.
Another tip very educational is to unite two dishes. At the bottom, select the minutes corresponding to each number. Then, perform upper plate cuts, so that the lower markups can be seen as in the following image.

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