Diamonds and Rhinestone for the Pet

What is not everything to buy?!Crazy clothes.Fancy accessories and yes, also jewelery for the pet.For now, it seems to be the opinion that Fifi and Mieze must necessarily be adorned with the noblest clunks.This shows how much you love your animal.And for a beloved pet, nothing can be expensive enough.Jewelry for the animal is not really new. Animals have been and have been revered as goddesses since the recollection of mankind.And even if this is not the case, have a look at the cows at the alpine pasture.Clear, beautiful flower decorations and bells ring the cow of all its splendor.But does the general dairy cattle feel really well?This seems to be a completely different question.

But back to the normal pet of today.For many, he is the child’s best friend, the most trusted friend.This love sometimes drives the strangest flowers.Crazy hairstyles or a dyed coat?No rarity.And when a new necklace is needed, the pendant for the pet also goes into the shopping bag.So it’s no wonder that more and more labels for animal fashion and animal jewelry are shooting off the ground.Sparkling rhinestone on the collar or a silvered dog brand belong to it.And before you know, you have spent a lot of money on animal toys.Since even large fashion houses like Gucci or Louis Vuitton collections for the best friend of the man bring out, the whole can no longer be called a niche product.The dog of the world carries the latest collection and the most precious jewelery.Reputable labels are only content with the best materials.So take a look at the animal purchase!His own cat should not be embarrassed when she meets her adorned companions only with a strass-studded leatherette.

Millions for a collar

There is always a trace more sharply.Expensive can always be surpassed.And whoever has the necessary small money can put it profitably into the jewelry of his pet.In the meantime there are animal toys, for which the inclined pet friend leafs an amount, the value an average home loosely upppt.How else should it be different, the supplier of this jewelry sits in the USA.There is such a thriving market for animal jewelery, which is shaken only by the head.Diamonds for the award-winning breed cat, a blue sapphire for the best dog in the world.Up to 1600 (!) Diamonds can contain such animal jewelery.Have you just folded the jaw?Really, I can understand that you are invested in his animal.And against a beautiful leather collar for the animal is also nothing objection.Gladly decorated with a tiny diamond.But could not such values ​​be better?For example, in the health of the animal?

Would be interesting to know what happens in the little head of these pets.Maybe they are thinking about why mum does not let them run to the other dogs who have so much fun in the big puddle?Or why does a man always keep his eyes in the sunlight when he looks at his favorite cat?Whether he is dazzled by the immense diamonds or just meticulously enumerating whether all the diamonds are still in place?Ultimately, such values ​​are literally for the cat.Or what do you mean?

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