Walkera 25101 – Review

The Main Advantage

The majority of users agrees to the excellent performance provided by Walkera and, in particular, on the remarkable stability guaranteed by two rotors with three blades which act together with the three-axis gyroscope. The result is a more pleasant and enjoyable flight.

Main Disadvantage

The remote control is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Verdict 9.8 / 10

Made with high quality materials, the Walkera helicopter can be used by all, even by the most experienced since it guarantees excellent performance and the ability to perform acrobatic maneuvers. The beautiful design of lovers will notice the detailed finishes and the extraordinary richness of detail.

Description Features

Materials and Gyroscope

This model is pre-assembled and ready to fly because it already provided a three-axis gyroscope, aluminum rotor head without flybar, brushless motor, LED lights. In particular, it should be noted that the CNC aluminum parts guarantee high resistance and, at the same time, good light while the simple mechanism design flybarless will be easier to repair if you experience damage.

Even the blades are of quality because they are made of carbon fiber, a material known for the extraordinary rigidity and lightness.

The helicopters with more blades rotors like this are not very common on the market because they present more problems of stability with respect to the other; there is no need of continuous adjustments by the system to balance and compensate the continuous movement of the oscillations.

The three-axis gyroscope present in this model instead can effectively solve these problems and allows for even acrobatic flights.

It is a device which, thanks to the plurality of combined movements of the body and tail, is able to effectively counteract the imbalances that inevitably occur and, even if it is not known, is constantly operating for consistently ensure maximum performance.

Design and Stability

Stylistically Walkera has developed an advanced model for its own standards with a detail in extraordinary finishes. When you have finished playing, you can leave it quietly in plain view on a shelf to amaze guests.

The dimensions are superior to many other models which appear clearly and toys, however, does not prevent them from using it, even inside the house. You may however find more enjoyment in outdoor environments.

The three rotor blades and the upper rear three blades form a combination that few other radio controlled helicopters present. Along with the self-stabilizing system of three-axis gyroscope provide exceptional stability. Models that do not have them require great skill and, above all, user speeds that must somehow replace the system.

It is a collective pitch helicopter in which, that is to say, each of the three blades can change angle to generate more wind and therefore have a greater thrust and hence more speed than those with fixed pitch, a detail of no small importance given that it is used on real helicopters.

Who Is It Suitable for This Model?

If you are not an expert you’ll definitely problems to fly it, whether you are a beginner you should know that there are less complex of Walkera helicopters. For example, you might find problematic the angle setting of the pitch for the main rotors: better read up first.

Besides the Walkera has six channels, ie, commands more a radio-controlled helicopter has and its operation is complete and less monotonous. The inexperienced users may settle peacefully the traditional four channels that are up / down, forward / backward, left / right, left / right rotation; the two additional, while requiring greater skill in piloting, ensure maximum fun.

Remember that you will need to buy a controller because it is not included in the package. The Walkera works with the modern system at 2.4 GHz that provides increased flow of infrared and, at the same time, a lower chance of interference.

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