Test the Mini Maglite R6 Pro Plus

After our test of the Maglite Mini R6 torch, we decided to test its big sister, still in the universe of flashlights, the Maglite Mini R6 Pro Plus.As was mentioned in our previous test, we were a little disappointed with the classic Mini R6 because of its low autonomy and the PRO model more promises a far more autonomy and that’s good news!Before we get to the heart of the matter, if you want to know more about Maglite lamps in general, do not hesitate to read our Maglite guide to find out more about making quality lamps and other useful information.

The features of the PRO Plus model of the Mini maglite R6

To summarize the characteristics of this model of flashlight, this Maglite is in all points identical to its little sister the classic R6 with:

  • A 3rd generation LED
  • Shock resistance
  • Waterproof (rain-resistant)
  • Dimensions of 16,8 cm
  • Finish in brushed aluminum and anodised interior
  • Works with two AAA batteries included in the box
  • Supplied with a black storage case
  • Power of 226 Lumens
  • Beam Lighting Distance:150m
  • 2 operating modes:full power or energy saving
  • Autonomy:from 3h to 25h

You’ll understand, this flashlight has the standard features of the Maglite brand (with the warranty that goes with it) while being a compact and ultra-resistant model.

What differences with the classic Mini R6?

This is what we are interested in here, if the Mini R6 classic had disappointed us in terms of autonomy, Maglite decided to remedy this problem by adding to the model Pro Plus 2 modes of operation including the famous mode “economy of drums “.One remains on the same consumption of energy in full power mode with an autonomy a little under the 3h but on the other hand where it becomes interesting it is in low power mode or one is near the 27 hours of autonomy .Namely that even in low power mode, the lamp illuminates LARGE enough for all daily tasks.

Another difference is the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the beam via the potentiometer (the ring at the end of the lamp) which can be rotated at its convenience.Quite inconvenient for one-handed use nonetheless.Another discovery we found in our lab test: when the lamp is turned on with its head towards the ground, it lights up with a brightness of 50%.It should be noted that the 25% power mode is still fairly strong especially because of the quality of the LED and the internal printed circuit of Maglite lamps in general.

Our overall impression on the Mini R6 Pro Plus

Rather very pleasantly surprised because the small flats that had been found on the Mini Maglite R6 are more or less erased on this lamp (except the autonomy in full power mode that remains unchanged).The compact size (16.8cm) of the lamp, which fits perfectly in the pocket of a pair of trousers, is always appreciated.Some people find it a shame that this lamp is not equipped with a belt fastener but this is the case for most of the Maglite unfortunately.

The 2 modes of operation and the adjustment of the beam at the head of the lamp has really delighted us and allows this flashlight to be useful in most everyday situations (car repair, camping etc.) without having to carry a brick in his pocket permanently.This model also comes with a storage case, ideal for the longevity of it which we remember can hold for years.It is not uncommon to have customer returns that have Maglite from 10 years ago that still work perfectly..

In short, we recommend this model rather than the classic Mini R6 model.

For those who are looking for powerful torch lights we have made a special guide or you can find all the information about the best powerful lamps on the market.

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