Test: Stockings Kalenji Kanergy Model

At the entrance of today I am going to talk about a product that I’ve tried during the competitions and more demanding workouts, are socks, leg or sleeves for twins.

This type of product is intended to facilitate venous return during the effort. Within the range of products this type can also find whole socks for use during sports practice, and socks of recovery that are used only after a major effort or after long standing.

The difference between the sock and pant leg is ease of placement which has the leg for me. I’ve tried both the sock and the leg and it costs a lot more to be a sock; and the leg allows us to keep our sock (talk normal) which we are accustomed and know that not produce us scratches.

The products of the Kalenji range, all models that are Kanergy provided, as I have commented on the venous return, have socks for sports, socks, leg warmers, pirate meshes and mesh long. They tend to be very specific products, so we in socks and leg warmers have a model for the right leg (is marked with the initial “R”, Right-right) and one for the left leg (is marked with the initial “l”-left).

Normally this type of product is often used for intense activities. Tend to use mostly to compete and when I have to do a series on track. Usually I work very well because before were loaded me much the twins, since I usually fall when I run with the part middle-front foot, and allows me to not suffer overload in twins. It is also good to eliminate vibrations that occur when running and prevent the possible in the tibial periostitis.

Currently, there are many brands that have this type of products for running, even though it is true that is not scientifically proven to improve performance when we practice sport, my sensations running are that helps me and makes my recovery once term training or competition.

You you think?. Have you tried it yet?

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