Materials Used to Make Lamps

Some came to know in our blog to topic Wooden lamps already discussed: The first part was devoted to the material wood veneer. Our, we made ​​sure the ornate light sculptures Manufactory LZF Lamps, which rely in their designs exclusively on this material. Robust we went to the second part of the series, in which we took lamps made ​​of shaped wood into view. One method that luminaire manufacturers Secto Design has written as a trademark on the flag. But wood is the Lighting Design not only in its pure materiality effectively, but also in combination with other substances a convincingly coherent picture from.


This is also aware of the German design of cutting. For their timber lamps series Eikon they resort to the material combination of wood and metal and are characterized by archetypal luminaire designs that are the product name. The distinctive grain of the wooden portion is pleasant contrast to the smooth surface of the metal shield. The phosphor screens of the series Eikon are colored part in spring colors, partly in neutral black or white and in shimmering gold. So also carries the metal at a contrast, the fresh and, in spite of the traditional form, modern wirkt.Ein less archetypal image records the pendant lamp Terho from the house of Mater. This wooden lamp designer Maija Puoskari presents the shape of an acorn in the skillful combination of glass and wood.Untreated alder wood from Finnish forests juts over blown opal glass, absorbs the light and lets it mildly brighten the room.


The Dutch manufacturer Zuiver dresses his lights like in the material mix. Wood and textiles come to his floor lamps together like. This fits – but are both natural materials that emit also single-handedly heat. Using the example of floor lamps the materials fall primarily functional tasks. The wooden legs of the model Tripod are robust, provide in formation of three in a straight position and also have to carry the cylindrical lampshade.This is covered with either white or black fabric. The bright lampshade Zuiver Tripod wooden lets the light through the material and the openings come into the room. In the black variant, the light is absorbed, however stronger and penetrates with a lower yield outwards. An effect that contributes equally tasteful to room design and the natural appearance of the materials wood and textiles particularly emphasizes.

How Zuiver also builds the light manufacturer Domus on this combination and use with the type of textile Pleated an unusual but very attractive material for the design of its lighting fixtures. Characteristic of pleats are the innumerable wrinkles, which manifest themselves on the backlit fabric as fascinating play of light and shadow. The floor lamp Sten Cloud is best Beisipiel for the harmonious interaction of the materials wood and pleating.

With the table and floor lamp Mia provides manufacturers Domus before another model in combining textile and wood. The main role is played by the material wool felt. From a piece of felt the shape of the design lamp Mia is bent and held in place by a short wooden stick. This is small accent to the eye, carries both the light source and therefore is the most important function of this lamp series.

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