Low Heel Shoes

Comfort and lightness are the key words of the summer. Both in clothes and makeup, and mainly in shoes, all the warm weather calls for softer items and without extravagance, at least for the day.

The low heel shoes are increasingly trend and has everything to do with the season. At that time, the sock leg is just for the night, and the more short people earn our routine, to keep you always jump in any situation.

I love high sandals, but don’t give up my flats. In the company, you can’t reach with open shoes and without elegance, so opt for models that contain anabela or thick heel but in less time.

How to use low heels

Short or medium heels shoes match all occasions, ranging from a model for parties or for the day to day is in the composition of the piece. For example: if it has delicate finish as income, or is prepared in the most noble materials fits perfectly in a formal dinner. Too colorful or with prints and with simple applications are great with jeans and shirt to go to work.

The collections that the brands has been showing are thought in modern woman who seeks comfort and practicality, but without giving up the femininity. All prefer shoes they can wear all day without dying of pain in the feet, especially when the sun hits hard on the window.

Low heels models to inspire

And you girls, prefer the comfort or luxury? Like these average jumps? See also our post about shoes with animal print prints, is a hit!

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