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The Alys Adams Baby is here with me in the Tips parents and children from 2013 when the blog started. It’s amazing how still amaze me with news and super products. The latest being a success that’s Parenting.

When the children here at home were born, we chose a very basic black backpack for Dani carry things with me. But there’s always that Daddy more fashion than like something more cool and had no choice.

The bags sold by Zilda Alves Baby are of Zotluz, a company dedicated to develop innovative products and services for babies, which awakened in consumers the importance of conscious consumption, contributing to the preservation of nature, with respect and propriety. A company that believes in the need to cherish the moment of the birth of a new being, living with intensity moments so special according to

It is worth mentioning that today the father occupies another place in families, is no longer seen solely as providers of home. Over the years, patriarchal society was losing power, the women of time imergiram in the labour market and now the responsibility for creation of children has been shared.

We know that not all parents are as involved as they should. But the father figure is essential in the formation of small. Parents should assume the responsibility for educating the children, teach ethical and moral values, protect children from the dangers of the world, establish rules and etc.

The ideal is always that parents and children are aligned in the difficult mission of educating children. So let’s get down to parenthood Bag models that separated for you?

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