How To Choose The Most Suitable Children’s Toys

Approaching the most anticipated night of the year for children. The night of magic and illusion. We’ve all been good. 

The children and parents. We have endured grueling days and long queues to have the console or fashion doll. The morning of January 6 les will be happy to open a gift after another. After the euphoria initial and the lounge as a battleground, some wonder: it was the night of magic or department stores? Each time the children get more toys. But it is what they really need? Children learn from playing. After three months, babies begin to play. They smile at us and respond to smiles. Thanks to this relationship develops as a little people.This playful link serves to grow.

Have you ever seen those children of about three years turning on themselves as a spinning top until they fall out of the laughter? They are learning to interact with your body and the world. The game is the fun way to discover it and laugh your prize for doing so.

Soon start fantasy and we will see you in the musings of a good thief or making that doll enters the House flying through the window. What do you think that the reality is thus? The possibilities of their innate curiosity and imagination to develop their creativity. Soon we will invite to share your world. Play is to relate to create and grow.

Play free, play with itself without too many structures, is essential so that the child can develop the ability to problem-solving, creativity and care.

The game’s laugh together

As important as that our children may know to play alone is the game with others to develop values such as friendship and respect. The relationship is the game! When are we that play with them, we are teaching them the world through fun and positive emotions. Children laugh about 300 times a day while only 15 adults, says Eduardo Jáuregui. The game is very serious for them, laugh together a while.

But many parents have the tendency to structure the children with after-school time: English, music, sports. We believe that these are more important play. Organize les both while the children forget the game for fun.

We need to get to your height and get involved in your game. That means throw us into the ground, eat soup of water and believe us that we are a pirate. Although 20 minutes before bedtime, should stop the obligations and be with them enabling the protagonists.Enter their world, in its logic. We can bring ideas but without limit your expressiveness, we are those who adapt to their game, not him to us, like the rest of the day. Another possibility is that daily activities become games – cooking, the washer, remove the dishwasher-; If we do play, it can be a very fun time.

Dad: ‘I am bored’

Your room is full of toys, but it is possible that within a few days your son surprised you with a “I am bored”. How is it possible?They demotivate precisely because we give them too much and have too many activities. Young children play with anything, with his body, a stick, a stopper. The game always has rules and the same child imposes them – it self-, this requires that the game be spontaneous and autonomous in a safe environment. Toys add magic and excitement to the learning about life but does not need to be very sophisticated.

With few toys and suitable child plays better. By giving them more, we remove the need to use your imagination and you can affect them to the concentration. Learn not to care what they have because they know that a new one will soon be.

When you go to choose a gift, it is very important to know what are the best skills of the child. The basic concept is that of the domain. The toy should assume a challenge to acquire new skills progressively. All children have a strong point that enhanced. Toys that work as a response to its action are most suitable.

Electronic games may promote mental alertness, visual and motor development and the ability to persevere to a task but have some disadvantages such as disconnect them from reality. As the individual games do not allow communication by what may cause a deterioration in the quality of family life. It also realizes the sedentary lifestyle. If we decide that that is your gift we must take into account what will be the use that we allow and create rules based on their age and maturity.

Choose toys respecting their interests, without imposing our standards. Provides appropriate spaces in which to play, are as important as the places where they study. It offers challenges to children with more complex activities. And diversified leisure to grow it: sports, outdoors, or artistic activities.

Nor should succumb to fads; you have to see the games as a means of family and you should encourage children to play alone. Still, from time to time, take your inner child and enjoy playing with children.

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