Floor and Wall Coverings – Laminates

Continuing the series I started talking about the general characteristics of floor and wall coverings, let’s talk now about this coating on which I have answered many doubts here in SD:The laminate floor.

What Is It?

THE LAMINATED FLOOR (like the known Durafloor and Eucafloor) are composed by 4 components: The Overlay, which is a transparent resin layer that makes the product more resistant to scratches, easy to clean and, in some cases, antibacterial protection. Then comes the Decorative Laminate, which is the layer that is treated to present the resemblance to the wood. It is made of fibrous material impregnated with heating hardened resins (melanins). Below is a panel, the MDF or HDF substrate, which makes the rulers fit. And further down there is the so-called Balance, also a resin laminate or polyethylene foam that has the function of stabilizing and protecting the moisture from the subfloor. The joints of the rulers can be of the male/female type, glued or the so-called click, which does not use glue.

They are sold in rulers of varying sizes (1.20 to 3m long, 20 to 30cm wide and 2.5 to 8mm thick).

Features: They cost less than wood floors, have environmentally friendly substrates, easy installation and maintenance (compared to hardwood floors), resistant to sunlight, scratches and stains – up to a point. It is good to protect them by placing felt linings on the furniture and wipe them with damp cloth, NEVER throw water – It may swell; They do not carry termites but can be attacked by them. It has a great diversity of models.

Important: The installation should be done on a very level floor and a specific blanket should be placed between the subfloor and the floor. Always seek specialist professionals, preferably recommended by the manufacturer. There are several models of skirting boards, angles, profiles and front for ladder also sold by manufacturers. Ah! And they can “climb the walls” too. Talk to the manufacturer.

More information click wall tips.

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