Do You Need a Nightlight for Baby

QUESTION: Hello! Reviewed a theme back but could not find such. If repeat myself, please moderators me move. At night light sleep your baby? We for now, yes. But for how long? Last night I woke up and had stopped in the current room was full prison, even the blinds run evening ostensibly because condensate, but that’s another topic. Jump goosebumps slightest if he wakes up, will fear. I thought to light a candle, but I was afraid not to fall asleep and set fire something. Well that morning it go, because I would crazy. At you how? At what age children are not in need of longer lamp?

ANSWER: My daughter is 14 months, sleeping in a separate room in the dark. In any case, the key lamp is from these that enhance the light gradually so if necessary at night to go to her, bright while night lamps is dim.

In my opinion, unnecessary worries of the mother often created unintentional childhood fears. But every child is an individual, especially if from the very beginning is accustomed to sleeping on the light – turned into a routine.
My mother told me that as I was about 2 years, at night when I woke’m haunted by the dark silhouette a rubber plant that has been very high. They put me light, which does not include if I was afraid.

Gergana to a year and a half sleep alone in his room, without having put night lamp lights. But one night was startled by a dream and now sleep in a room and sleeps with a night light. But sleep blow out. Children develop a fear of the dark much later – sometime after year. At first they do not care the dark. But as they grow suddenly notice it and became scary. Because your question was how long they are afraid of the dark – from the beginning not scared and bedside lamp a very young age is absolutely unnecessary. It is rather to calm the mother. But once you get afraid of the dark, it can continue until 4-5 years of age.
I myself still feel uncomfortable in the dark and safe life so I will.

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