Christmas Lights

Pine lighted a new neighborhood gardens. Photo: Karla Vargas

I remember at Christmas of 2011 everyone was delighted with the decoration of the city of Recife. In 2012 the thrill was not repeated. And as the reason for the lack of decoration on the city’s political, I’m not going to get into the merits of the discussion because the Blog of the kite is not the most appropriate space for this.

According to, I was scheduled to go out and shoot the lights of the city. I’ve had writing in mind, which included the Customs Wharf, AV. Agamenon Magalh√£es, Republic square etc. But, who circulates by the reef realizes that there’s almost nothing, and the little there is not pleased (including the controversy over 500,000 tree…).

But, it wasn’t the lack of official decorations on the reef that made me forget about my plans. Living in Olinda three months ago, went out in search of the decorations of the city heritage and especially those that move me the most: the decorations of the residents.

I have seen some beautiful thing scattered all over town. Too bad the camera cocked was with me in a few moments. However, there were enough moments to show a little bit of investment of those who really want to brighten up the city and the heart of the next. Of toast, a click of the phone made at ground zero of the city of Caruaru, my hometown so dear. Learn, Reef!

That turns into 2013 2012 in time for the turn. It happens every year.
In my childhood, ever happened. Old technology!:)

Photos: Karla Vargas

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