Christmas Lights: Is Less More?

My family has its roots in the Erzgebirge. Then the “lightning” in the Advent season was put into the cradle.

The pyramid, the arch, the Herrnhut star, as well as the miner and the angels have their place at home in the last weeks of the year.

The traditional Christmas utensils are still popular today.Added to this are flashing figures and fairy lights on trees, fences, houses with partly gigantic proportions.

As my blogger colleagues with the Christmas lighting keep, read here.

Marian Beck: Good mood counts

I like to be a traditionalist.For Christmas, I am not about money saving, but about the good mood.And incandescent lamps are still the closest to the candle light.Because I like to accept that I consume a few more kilowatt hours than with LED lamps.

With regard to energy saving, it is to be noted that the production of electrical appliances requires energy and raw materials. According to Zephyrledlights, only when a repair is no longer worthwhile, I exchange the device.Then I like to decide for modern LED lighting, if it suits the purpose.

In addition to the candles on the Christmas tree, arches in the windows and Christmas stars light up at home.But I prefer to light wax candles, and sometimes a smoker’s candle.What I do not like are LED light snakes on balconies or outside windows.Especially when they light up in different colors.

Susanne Zellmer: With candles it becomes homey

Candlelight lends a reflective atmosphere in the dark season.That is why I distribute candles and scents in the whole apartment.The warm glow and the pleasant scent make the perfect Christmas decorations perfect.That’s how it gets homey.Then I feel really well.

But they are no longer just real-life candles that illuminate my home.LED candles have also dazzled.

These now no longer seem artificial, but with their warm-white flickering light even deceptively genuine.The big advantage is that they do not give rise to soot or fire hazards and I can put them safely.

However, I can not win anything over a building with an American pattern, adorned with strings of lights.In a house completely wrapped up in fairy lights with bright reindeer sleds including a flashing runway on the roof I tell myself then: Here is less more.

Matthias Queitsch: Tinsel does not have to be

I have never really been warm with this decoration for the Christmas and Advent season.In other words, I have never complained about too little tinsel.What does not mean that we do not decorate at all.

With us, however, there is something more simple and reserved.The living room window is traditionally decorated with a Herrnhut star.There is an energy saving lamp in it.

She saves the money bag, because the window decoration burns quite a long time in the pre-Christmas season.It makes a rather cold light.The yellow color of the star makes it warm and comfortable.

A simple wooden pyramid with candles and a smoker from the Erzgebirge are joined.I buy his “Whistlebucket” every year on the Christmas market.

If just before Christmas a small Christmas tree is added, which we decorate equally decently, our Christmas decoration is complete.

Torsten Barthel: The candle arch remains on!

You know the experimental setup Schwibbogen plus timer.These things were and are in some households an inseparable couple.For four years, these parts have been separated, because the LED has moved into the arc.

With a power consumption of 0.2 watts per lamp, the Christmas charm can quietly illuminate the windows in my house all day long and all night.What many do not know or notice is that the timer also has its own consumption, which can be many times higher than the energy consumption of an LED arc.

At the evening view from my living room window I already recognize one or the other window, the dark around 11 o’clock and only the next morning again bright.Maybe I should give my neighbors times the tip that the Christmas man likes to overlook dark houses.

So far our opinions on Christmas lighting.What do you think, dear readers, is less?

We from the ENSO blog wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas time.Come to the New Year!In January 2017 you read again from us.

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