At Every Age A Toy

The best toy is not the expensive s m, but which best suits the personality, age and maturity of the or or, and that allow you, first of all, play with his family Toys are the Tools id neos to stimulate the ps quicas, emotional and motor abilities of the or or.

In the words of Jean Ch teu, analyst of the playground reference, a not or do not know play is a small or old and be an adult who does not know think. With the ever present premise that the nor or not play in order to prepare to face the future, it is important to note that play develops in the small or values such as vico c sense or est mulo of will.

Parents and educators have in this respect the role of treating that activity l medical help promote ptimamente all facets of the nor or in armon with phases of growth.

Mo c must be a toy
The choice of appropriate toys n for each ni or special importance in these dates.However, no to worry unnecessarily: know to the or or and the sense n com us har n reach the right s m.

To buy a new toy, it is worth to take into account some considerations. First, to have success, a toy must be close to the world of the small or and your way of imaginaci n. Ultimately, the activity that proposes the game must be attractive to the or or, that plays for fun and not to learn.

They must not forget the tastes and preferences of the small or. To get a good systems• n of the toy to the nor or it is necessary to know him well. For this reason, it is essential to devote time to play with the kids.

In terms of the growth of the nor or should give toys that develop specific aspects of his personality, but also some that complement their tendencies accused s m

To be placed on the market, toys must be provided with the CE mark. This external symbol allows to suppose that the toy complies with the provisions of the directive and that, except contrary proof, guarantees the observation n the legal requirements about safety of its users.

When you buy a toy must be addressed to their said or, shape and color, that favor the motivation n. Adem s, m s valued are those that are used to play with others or you.

Ultimately, the best toy is not the expensive s m, if not which best fits the personality, age and maturity of the or or. And which allow, above all, play with his family.

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