Why do Pants Roll Down

I caravan most of my pants (except if they are born in the “heat floor” format).

In the course of my closet detoxsessions, saving pants who would have ended up in the pile “to give” in roulottant them. This is a small tip easy style.

UH… Easy? Can you repeat?… Certainly there is need a sewing machine, thread, or a needle to rolled his pants. However, after the post on the chino, you called for the operating instructions for the “roulottement”.

# What’s the point of rolled?

It’s the principle of the 7/8 pants.

Rolled his pants down gives the cool silhouette and modernized look.

It seems to be more dynamic.

Clear ankle, leg seems lighter. Of course, it is better to not having “real” posts legs (IE without ankles).

No, it’s not a ‘mass’. The thickness of the bottom of the pants makes contrast with the thinnest part of the leg.

# What pants can be rolled?

(1) the pants down is narrow (chino, carrot, slim).

We don’t roll a straight pants or paw of eph: it’s ugly, it cuts the silhouette, and it doesn’t.

(2) the pants casual canvas, denim, fleece, viscose, silk.

We don’t roll pants classic tailor or velvet chic = “I got too lazy to do a hem”.

# Far rolled his pants?

The boldest dare rolled their pants under the calf: OK if the pants are very very close and if the canvas of the pants is fine. Otherwise we are close to the short pants. Horror! Fashionistas do not hesitate to add thick socks that trickles a bit. Well Yes, the QuickDraw, this works!

The academic height reveals just the maleole.

For me, I get a little more.

As the number of laps, all depends on the initial length of the pants. In all cases, made at least two return way and for avoid the style “fishing to the mussels”, ensure that your hem is not too high = 2 phalanges.

# What shoes to wear?

Avoid boots that pass under the pants.

If you have thick, careful ties: not too thin soles which settle, pointed ends or flanges that increase.

Otherwise, your moccasins / derby / Shoes / Sneakers / boots…

The apparent sock doesn’t bother me. But in this case, choose opaque mid-low or pretty socks in cotton or wool. And pass the sock under your pants in her squinting slightly.

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