Who Dress up the Groom?

Approaching the day of your wedding and surely you have everything under control, especially in your dress, but let’s not forget that the boyfriend is also the protagonist! So, you must provide your support and advice to make it look flawless on your side that great day. As the wedding gown, it is important to consider aspects such as the style of wedding, the time of year, the weather, the time and the place where the ceremony will be held. This will determine the type of costume that should be used and at the same time allow your boyfriend feel comfortable.

If you do not have much idea of what dictates the Protocol as to suit your boyfriend to use, I can say that there are 4 basic styles you should know.

The first is the FRAC. This is the maximum label male attire and it is better to be used in wedding night and preferably indoors. Frac is composed of a simple or cross, short double-breasted black jacket by front and rear aprons at peak. It must be worn with white or black vest and a black bow tie. Don’t forget that shirt will be invariably white and it is important to know that in many cases, the pants will have a lateral stripe of the same color according to relationshipsplus.com.

Ideal shoes for your boyfriend complement the Frac, are black patent leather and lace-up. It is worth mentioning that if Frac has no rear aprons, its name changed to Spencer and gives a touch more fresh but equally elegant.

Current trends allow discrete at the lapels variations, either developing them in lighter shades or matte fabrics to give the groom a less formal look.

The second on the list is the morning coat or JAQUET. This is considered as a day, although he is currently already admits that it is also used in the evenings. The SAC is type frock coat, with shorter, curved front and back ending on skirt. Unique variations allowed to miss the natural style, are the same in the Frac, those that occur in the flaps. Jacket and pants, may be gray or black, although the pants should be classic and with a thin vertical stripes that slim at the same time a little more to your boyfriend.

Vest It should be cutting traditional of the fabric of the jacket, although color can vary between beige, Pearl, grey or even black. The shirt should be white and the shades of the gray tie.

In the case of the TUXEDO, you should know that it is used only in the afternoon or evening and should always be dark and single breasted. The shirt must be only in white and in this case, not used a tie common if not a bow tie black silk or satin, as well as the wrapper.

In fourth place are the costume. Although is not properly label, properly chosen can be perfectly valid. Ideal colours ranging from grey and dark blue to black, everything will depend on the place and time at which the ceremony will be held.

But we also have the option of weddings on the beach. If you chose this option, the groom can choose to color costumes clear or the traditional white guayabera, which must be always long sleeve, made with fresh and natural fabrics such as linen, silk or cotton. This type of shirts as you know, often leads to the front tucks and occasionally plays embroidered Strip, and may be accompanied by a straight pants of the same material.

If the groom is bolder and fashionista, must know trends of 2013 to allow risk with light tones in (preferably in spring and summer) costume, as well as metallic fabrics and bright colors in clothes such as a jacket or tie. The latter could be an excellent idea if you chose to give a touch of color to your dress, as both could be combined and give you a fun and refreshing touch to the ceremony.

As general advice, I suggest that your boyfriend choose a suit made to measure and that the fabric is of good quality and resistant to treatments received in the dry as well as to the passage of time.

If it is not made to measure, remember that regardless of the suit that choose, your boyfriend must take care that if the wedding is formal, the sleeves of the jacket cover the arm fully, but also a part of the shirt is asome. Another point to which attention should be given to the length of the pants, remember it should cover the shoe to the heel, no more, no less.

Depending on the costume necktie, do not forget that it should reach the edge of the pants. That is the perfect fit. Although if it is bow tie you need, remember that they can play with texture rather than colour, unless they have a wedding theme or very relaxed.

And finally, you should know that refers to as far as groom accessories, less is more. The basics are the cufflinks and watch accompanying classical random which must not exceed 10 centimeters in height and preferably should be in harmony with your bouquet.

So there are no excuses, the two will look spectacular!

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