Watch, Do Not Dial the Time

The letter of this mythical song, for today’s decorative designers is a reality, The clock today we are more interested in its decorative potential than its well-known functionality, that is, in decoration, it does not matter so much that it does not mark the hours.

The wall clock is a trend, in the world of decoration has become an essential object, with very chameleonic decorative properties, as it has the ability to integrate seamlessly into the walls of any room, regardless of the decorative style that predominates your surroundings. It will always be the main protagonist of the stay, the decorators are aware that all eyes are continuously fixed on it, both for its beautiful design and the continuous hourly information transmitted by its bolts according to

At the entrance today I am going to comment on the decorative styles that are stepping on the world of the wall clock so that you can orientate if you are thinking of letting him occupy a place in your home. At Banak Importa shops… your is waiting for you.

Of retro influence: the vintage style and retro are undoubtedly the protagonists of the current styling. In this case, we present two models with nostalgic air, inspired in the decades of the 50, 60, and 70; Its design and creativity so characteristically take us back to the past but its ticking back to the present.

These metal-based watches, simulating a refreshment plate, are key pieces of the late 50’s. As a stylist, I consider them functional decorative objects that integrate perfectly into the wall of any kitchen, giving it that retro air that is so In vogue, or in a studio with a lot of personality and pop influence.

Vintage style: I invite you to hang in your home these curious, large metal base keys are perfect for any home entrance.

Although we know that this watch-rack prevails above all its beautiful and original design, it is still a very functional object. It will be responsible for welcoming you and your visitors, announcing the arrival time, keeping their coats and will also be the last decorative object you see when you collect personal belongings hanging, saying goodbye and indicating the time of departure.

Large classic style watches: it  is another decorative alternative to take into account, when incorporating a clock in your home.

Large-format clocks have long been important and presidential in large halls of stately homes, palaces, train stations, church towers, historic and public buildings. Today, these large format clocks have become the decorative trend of today’s homes, no matter how bulky they are, seamlessly integrate into any wall, no matter the size of the room where we locate it.

Clocks in decoration, regardless of the style we choose, can be considered perfect creative objects. We invite you to hang a set of them, playing harmoniously with their shapes, models and sizes, in this way, you will create perfect creative compositions on empty walls and without grace of your home, making it the most attractive and commented by your guests.

To finish this post, I want you to see some decorative curiosities that we have found “googleando”, being the main piecethe clock.

I have been very attracted by this photograph, it is shocking the great artistic load that this composition of clocks has completely covering the main wall of the scene.

But we have to be realistic, this great composition of watches is still a mere decorative artistic work, it is only possible to enjoy this composition by watching it at most a few minutes, I can not stop thinking about the absence of silence in the room, I hear in the distance the thousand ticks of all those clocks.

Another very interesting photograph is the one that you can see next, endowed with a lot of symbolism and charm, this great boat that keeps in its interior spheres of old clocks.

This composition, transmits me a lot of sensations that the artist might try to feel when we observe it. Enclosing this big pot tightly in all these areas of old, just watch the artist wanted to stop time, stop watch vital , that is , claims that the clock does not tick the hours…

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