Voice Stamped on Pieces of Clothing

What you notice on this vest are not just dots scattered throughout the tissue, but yes, a song, a poem or a love letter. The design of binary codes is formed from the voice captured through the computer, which is stamped on the piece of clothing. Creativity and technology beyond fashion.

Those responsible for the idea are Magdalena Kohler designers and Hanna Wiesener. The pair began the first experiments during his studies in Berlin (Germany), in knit fabrics. After that he created the company Trikoton super detached parts, including some of them ended up in the Japanese market, in Tokyo, more precisely in Shibuya, considered the fashion district of the metropolis.

Besides creatives, designers are also concerned with a sustainable production of parts, therefore only work with local manufacturers and companies in the region of Berlin.


To create the pattern of your voice, just enter the site and record it through a flash interface. The result may be printed in vests, pants, sweaters and scarves-including a Special Edition models that are a tribute to the birthplace of artists. The sound in scarf and recorded through YouTube’s Press Conference of Bornholm, when the fall of the Berlin wall.

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