Spanish Wedding Dresses

As a wedding blogger, you can browse through the many sources of inspiration to search for unique treasures. And sometimes you’ll find wedding dresses designers who don’t say anything to you, but who will captivate you with beautiful photos. Today we show you the beautiful wedding dresses of Beba’s closet from Madrid. Designer Belen Designs alternative Boho wedding dresses in her studio.

Boho-Wedding dresses by Beba’s Closet

The special thing is that love hides in detail and brides who love fashion will recognize one or the other trend. And the photos are wonderfully staged, in order to convey the right mood as well. Beba’s Closet is therefore also aimed at brides who want to celebrate an unconventional wedding. According to, naturally, playful and with fashionable sophistication enchant the dresses with a lot of ease.

A trend that I personally also like very much is the open hair, adorned with a hair tyre or a wreath. This always looks very romantic and keeps you safe all night. The bridal dress with the floral applications is also an extraordinary eye-catcher. In any case, the lookbook gives us plenty of ideas for such a Boho-inspired wedding in the open air.


Wedding dresses: Beba’s Closet | Photos: Días de vino y Rosas | Model: Isabella Ching (Blow models) | Hair/Make up: Álvaro Talayero | Hair Jewellery: Mimoki

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