Pants Jeans Ripped on Butt Is Hit between the It-Girls


The trend of the moment there is bold and a bit controversial. Tops and celebs like Kylie Jenner, Izabel Goulart, Chiara Ferragni and Stella Maxwell have launched fashion with a slightly different shoddy pants. The ripped jeans on the bottom, have you seen?

The model of the time has strategic cuts well below the butt, just below the back pockets of the jeans. Would you dare bet on this trend?

And guess who just threw that trend? Kylie Jenner, of course. Since then, many other celebs have bet on looks with the controversial feature. For those who like more stripped style, this is a super different option to create casual looks for the day.

What Is The Ideal Denim Model For Betting On Trend?

The model that the tops and it-girls bet more was the Vintage jeans, that a little ago ago was chosen the darling model of the fashionistas, remember? He has a higher waist and is a bit slouchy on his body.

You, as well as them, can also bet on the styling tricks to make the piece even more stylish. We saw Vintage jeans with shredded bar, folded bar, tears in the knee and the darling tears on the butt.

Combining The Ripped Jeans On Butt

Every piece that you imagine that is within the stripped classification, leaves the look super cool. She marries very well with top cropped, bra strappy bra, leather croppeds, jeans jackets, stylish T-shirts, coats, underwear and rocker style parts.

You can use this trick in any model jeans, from vintage to skinny, straight and cropped. And as for the colors, you can play in black denim, lighter jeans, shabby jeans and also the white jeans.

There are countless possibilities to get a head start on this trend, here the creativity is welcome. Hot or Not? So, would you use the piece? Does fashion get here in Brazil? Tell us what you think!

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