Long Party Dress Which Shoe Should I Wear?

On most occasions it is common for women to be in doubt about what to wear when they choose a long party dress.

In fact there are no specific rules that must be fulfilled and that work well on any occasion, even if there are some considerations to keep in mind when putting together a beautiful and elegant look, there is no magic formula, so we prepared this post today Facilitate your choice of the ideal shoe.

One of the first things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a shoe to wear with a long party model dress is the type of occasion or event to which you have been invited. That is, you will not choose the same shoe if it is for a gala party or a more informal event.

The shoes will also always vary according to the length of the dress, there is still no general rule, short dresses most of the time are not worn with closed shoes or lounge type, since the long dresses up to the feet, the most appropriate is The choice of heels so you do not step on your own dress, although it may also be possible to wear them with a low shoe.

When choosing your shoes, you should take into consideration the color of your dress, this does not mean that the dress and shoes should be the same color, plus it is necessary to combine correctly, some colors are always more difficult to match.

For Example:

The long red party dresses match with black shoes, skin color or nude, white, gold, silver or red.

Already a long party type dress in yellow color matches with shoes: nude, gold, black, brown, blue and pink if you are more daring.

On the other hand, there is still the possibility of choosing a printed shoe, of course if your dress allows! In other words, if you choose a plain or simple dress you can combine it with printed or more dress shoes, now if your dress is more flashy with a lot of stone and a lot of luster your shoe should be more discreet.

And The Jumps?

The final decision to choose jumps or not, will be solely yours, you must weigh whether the jump will be a good option, besides the type of occasion, since the more formal occasions always jump!

You should also note factors such as where the party will be, how many hours you will stay standing, your ability to wear heels, if you do not feel comfortable to wear a pair of heeled shoes, you can instead opt for a low Combine with your dress, and remember that there is the option to combine the two, that is, when you are tired of the heels, you can change it for low shoes.

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