Jeans: Learn to Wear in Winter


The jeans vest is an indispensable piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe if you want a joker when it comes to putting on super creative and authentic looks.

Timeless and versatile, the piece can compose several looks and transform a simple look into a look beyond stylish. Want to learn how to wear denim vest on all occasions and all styles? So come with us!

How To Make Awesome Looks With Jeans Vest

We can find several models of jeans vest out there, which turns out to be an advantage to match all tastes and styles.

And who is mistaken who thinks that the jeans vest can be used only in the summer and be forgotten in the drawer during the winter. Look at these looks tips on LOVERISTS to match your darling companion denim:

1-Casual Look

Waistcoat+shirt: Choose a comfortable navy blue leggings, a white shirt without details, a caramel boot and finish with a shorter jeans vest to overlap.

Jeans+plaid shirt: Choose a dark wash skinny jeans, a plaid shirt with tones in red and wine, an Oxford caramel and finish with a long denim vest without details.

2-Look Ballad

Jeans+Leather Vest: Choose a skinny jeans with a very dark wash, a black shirt, a coral peep toe, a leather jacket shorter than the shirt, and a jeans vest with spikes or tacks shorter than the jacket.

Over the knee jeans: Choose a black long sleeve tank top dress, a black over the knee boot and finish with a lightly shredded jeans wash vest.

3-Look Fashion

Waistcoat+Skirt: Choose a black and white striped long-sleeved top, a black skirt, a black cowl and finish with a dark, detailed wash vest.

Jeans+Knit Waistcoat: Choose a dark wash skinny jeans, a short brown ankle boot, a cream-colored knit sweater, a scarf, and finish with an unlined, longer waistcoat.

Jeans+shorts: Choose a shorts, shorts, black pants, a black cotton, a white or printed shirt and finish with a shorter denim vest and without much detail.

Jeans+Leather Vest: Choose a leather leggings, a tobacco-colored cowhide, a long-sleeved blouse in printed gray, a wine scarf, and finish with a shredded waistcoat.

And then did you like our tips for putting on winter looks with the inseparable vest? Now you are more than ready to ruin these new looks in winter, you can play!

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