Item of the Summer: Long Skirt!

For those who love to be trendy without spending a lot is required to read the post until the end. And how do I know when it comes to fashion, and it’s super request here on the blog, I brought for you today an item which is the darling of the summer and that is booming:the long skirt, is the play of the moment and is a great option for you to compose a look super stylish. Colorful, striped, smooth, floral prints, ounces or even chess, the skirts make the visual light and charming. And wrong who think that only the tall women are entitled to use the play, because the lowest can also take advantage of this trend. Since the stamped even the Lacy, the long skirts are without a doubt making the biggest success. Surely you will fall in love and be drooling over every skirt that I separated in the gallery today. No doubt is a play in which the reasons for investing, are numerous. Besides being super cool and comfortable, the long skirt can adapt to various styles, since most combinations street, with low shoes (all star is super stylish) until a sandals or espadrilles, for a Bohemian look. The spadrilles also fall well with her skirt and are super fashion.

It’s a versatile piece, going on since more discrete and classical models, for work or for an event, to the most daring and colorful templates, perfect for a walk, for a day at the beach, or to an outlet for fun night. To be at the station more sweetheart of the year you can invest in the tissues that are up and which are cooler. Fluids, like silk, for special occasions. Already the viscose is perfect for day to day the crochet is also one of the big bets. You can use it in more formal looks to more relaxed, to know that other parts match.

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