How To Wear Legging Pants

Today we are going to talk about an indispensable piece in the modern woman’s look: thelegging pants.

Yes!!! The legging that many of us use in ways that do not value what we have the best in our body, and other things. Legging is a piece that can yes, leave the gyms and centers for work, casual encounters and even social… just know how to use it and have the good sense to combine the most neat looks. Here biotionary has prepared a number of tips on how to wear leggings.


And for you do not make ugly, we list how you should wear legging pants, so here’s the top five of the golden rules for wearing leggings without being tacky, tacky or piriguete pay.

Leggings Pants Combine With Long, Long Blouses.

The legging is to be worn with dresses, tunics, dresses, mini skirts, T-shirts and everything that covers our valued and great butt. (That goes for gym clothes too!) Nothing to hang around parading leggings and t-shirt showing the tummy, or just super. The secret is to cover your butt.

The Color Of Legging

Gata, I have cellulite, Dilma has cellulite, Beyonce has cellulite and the panicats have cellulite (and it is also … because I’ve seen it). There’s no way, it’s born with us. But from white legging you will not only be a woman who has cellulite, you will be a door egg! So abuse the black ,brown , navy blue leggings and other dark colors.

Avoid gray leggings when exercising, because most of the time, when we perspire, they get all wet, looking like we peed their pants.

Here’s what happens when you wear a light-colored leggings:

Choose The Panties You Will Wear

No one needs to know that you are using a strainer or a floss. Watch out for the color of the panties so it does not overlap the color of the pants, and having some seamless intimate parts is the big secret. Do not think that just because you are in black leggings pants you can wear red panties! Even the black leggings, for being very fair, ends up marking the panties and worse, becoming slightly transparent. See in the photo beside the transparent (unwanted) effect of legging

I’m Cool And I Want To Wear Leggings.

Okay, you can wear leggings, but watch out for the little hands: nothing more unpleasant than those little hands jumping out. Also give preference to dark and smooth color models, avoid embossing. Leave the flowery leggings and animal print print for the skinny.

If you are not so fussy, but have hipbone or ass, follow the same recommendations as the little ones. No animal print for you!

The Length Of Legging

Leggings must go to the foot. No leggings at the height of the calf.Leggins at that point are only accepted for those going to the gym. If you are not going to practice any physical exercise, please do not wear leggings at that time. Give preference to the longer ones, which are much more elegant. What’s more, leggings at the level of the calf flatten the body!

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If you follow the rules perfectly and complement your look with beautiful accessories, you will surely be a cat of destruction!But if you still have any questions, leave your comment! It will be a pleasure to help you!

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