How to Use the Cropped Pants?

Hello friends!!! To date you’ve done huh?! Nothing better for those hot days than a nice short shorts, a short skirt or a dress. Isn’t that right girls? Even so, our loved ones and inseparable jeans do not cease to be the focus of attention: for next season (spring begins on 22/09!) they came in floral prints and berries, colorful, full of styles and applications, and even the model CROPPED that made sets in winter remains in full force in the summer. For those who don’t know, the cropped pants is simply a model with the shortest bar, at the top of the cinnamon. Can be larguinha on top, have the turn-ups or be more tight.

When the pants are tight in the Shin, the skinny, it becomes easier to bend them. But when the pants have the wider bar? How to make a model cropped? Very quiet at this time, for everything there is a way out! Hahahahahaha! We have prepared for you a good tip on how to leave the real easy Pant bar “dry” and coladinha in the Shin! In fact we learned that trick with the dear Julian Medina, a teacher atSenac fashion and beauty MS! Super cool!!!

Wear a pair of jeans and photographed step-by-step to show you that hunch super Joker and practical look at how to make the cropped

What do you think of hunch? It’s not super easy?

BUT ATTENTION! The origin of the word you can imagine: Crop in English means “shorten, trim, cut short,” and that’s exactly what she can do with your silhouette if you’re not careful! Go to tips:

-To not seem lower, use the cropped shirts of the same colour to avoid clipping the silhouette;

-Looks great with slippers and sandals more open, showing the leg and feet;

-The most soltinhas with straight trim in dark shades are good for disguise thick thighs or hips;

-Look great with sweaters inside or belts marked on top;

– Gets more sophisticated and Executive with shirt and blazer or sports and more casual with t-shirts and short jaquetinhas;

-For tall women, models with turn-ups. Short, no way!

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