How to Make Your Swimwear Last Longer

You choose it from the rest because of its distinguished pattern and other characteristics that do not have others, but now, look at it, off, lifeless and hopeless to accompany you in your daily swim.

I’m not talking about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but an article of clothing that no swimmer can do without: the swimsuit.

The story repeats itself and you buy another swimsuit for its beautiful colors and fluorescent texture but inevitably, after a few months and due to the lack of care for your part you are with another bathing suit depressing and unpalatable.

Hopefully, by following these three simple but extremely useful tips, you can make sure your swimwear will not wear out, making it last longer and making sure the fabric and fibers remain intact.

#1 Rinse your swimsuit as soon as you’ve finished swimming.

Chlorine can discolor our hair, leave our skin dry and cause the colors of our bathing suit to fade. To prevent it, it is extremely important to minimize the amount of time your bathing suit is in chlorinated water. Therefore the first thing after leaving the pool is to rinse it using lots of fresh water.

Nº2 Use neutral soap

The washer is the enemy of your swimsuit, because some specific soaps used for this type of washing are too aggressive and also with the spin can ruin the fibers. Choose a mild soap to use in small quantities to complete the chlorine removal process.

No3 Do not enclose the bathing suit

After washing the bathing suit, you need to dry it; Never leave a wet swimsuit in the swimming bag! Forget the dryer, your swimsuit needs to be dried naturally, preferably in a horizontal or vertical position but without rolling or wrinkling and without leaving it in full direct light.

These simple tips and rules will not make your bathing suit last forever, but it will stop your colors from disappearing so quickly, and above all else, it will maintain your elasticity for longer.

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