How to Make Crochet Espadrilles


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Espadrilles-the shoe of summer! Make your favorite model yourself. This easy knitting pattern helps you.

Knitting pattern for crocheted Espadrilles

Size: 39-40:

The foot (front) for all sizes just crochet. For smaller size the pages share crochet according to shorter or longer, for larger sizes according to more rows.


  • Catania Schachenmayr, 100 g in may green FB 00389
  • 1 Milward crochet hook 3 mm
  • Wool embroidery needle
  • 1 pair of Espadrilles soles Gr. 39-40 of PRYM (art. 975103).

Fantasy pattern:

Work in accordance with crochet font 1. The 1.-12. series 1 x work. Then along the straight edge 1 x the 13th and 14th series work.
Lace pattern:

According to document (2) crochet work. Series always repeating the 1st and 2nd finish work with a row 2.

Crochet very tightly so that the shoes have a stable grip. The sides should fit with slight tension on the soles, never longer.
Knitting tension:

28 STS and 14,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

15 air stitches cast on and crochet according to crochet font 1. Cut the thread after the 12th row and along the straight edge (gray highlighted in the crochet) 13 + 14 series work. Note: For a good fit the width of the foot blade in the 12 series can be adjusted, this series with chain stitches working to shrink and enlarge with solid meshes.
Heel and side parts:

As for the foot, 2 begin in accordance with the grey-backed surface of the crochet book. Now crochet the left part of the page directly, for work on the first 14 STS according to the 1st row of the crochet book 2 = 6 fillet squares. After 18 rows, a part of the page is finished. (For smaller sizes of accordingly less rows, for larger sizes according to more rows). Against the same exit the other side panel. Now the upper edge of the two side panels and heel with 1 row fixed stitches with 1 series umhäkeln Picots, to * 2 fixed stitches, 1 Picot (3 air mesh, 1 chain St in the 1st air mesh) crochet from * always repeat.

Sew the short sides of the side panels to the straight edge of the blade of the foot so that the front part of the Picot border above. Now sew the crochet part with scallop stitch to the edge of the sole. Here the size can be adjusted again, either sew directly on the side edge or just above the sole.

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