How to Dress for an Event?

Have you ever wondered how to dress for an event? If you have been invited to a party or cocktail and you have not known how to choose your look, calm because today indemodaybelleza we give you the keys to succeed in your next event.

A launch cocktail, a gala to present a product, a dinner with luxury guests in chic restaurant… Always the same dilemma: how to dress for an event and live up to the circumstances?

Many of you have asked me to recommend youlooks to go to events. Since by discarding we all think of going professional and elegant, but that does not have to mean boring and bland according to That is why today we will learn how to dress for an event can be the most fun without losingelegance and professionalism.

How To Dress For An Event?

We start learning how to dress for an event or the challenge is to go with a look that gives youpersonality and glamor at the same time without losing your essence, to be able to dazzle.

#1 How To Dress For A Suit Event?

Usually many believe that choosing a suit is boring . But what do you think this mango suit in raw color with a touch of orange to brighten the face? The costumes are no longer boring, you can play with colors to go elegant but with a little magic.

Our recommendation for suit trousers, is that it be slightly shorter than normal. As it will bring you more height and style.

The long pants that completely bind legs and high heels will not look your legs in the same way they do the pants three – quarters or pirates. Dare with them, this season is more fashionable than ever.

I chose this model to go to the Ladival Urban Fluid event as you can see in the photos. And when they asked me how to dress for an event, it was clear: raw suit with the most fashionable color this season: Naraja. Have not you done with any orange garment yet? If you want to succeed this spring summer, you’re taking too long to get one for your next event.

#2 How To Dress For An Event With Dress?

The dresses are the icing on the cake. But you will need to consider several factors before you get one for your next event.

The length of the dress

The length of the dress is very important, as much as we have been invited to an informal event, it never ceases to be an event in which we must take great care of our image. Therefore, it is advisable to wear a dress to the knees. However, if we wear stockings we can bet onslightly shorter dresses . But be careful that yourdress is not too short, as it may give a wrong image of us. And as always says: There is no second chance for a first image.

The color of the dress

How should the color of the dress be? This really changes depending on the time of theevent. If it is an event at night, I would bet ondarker colors, without being black. And for the day for pastel colors as they sweeten thefactions a lot. But if you want to buy a singledress that suits you for all possible options, we advise a color such as blue or green. Colors that favor both blondes and brunettes. What do you think of this outfit that we propose indemodaybellez a? This dress is from Zara this season.

The neckline of the dress

Finally to keep in mind is the cleavage. Indemodaybelleza we think that the key to elegance is to insinuate and never teach. So, if you decide to buy a dress for an event, you will have to play with the length and décolleté. That is, if you bet on a rather long dress, you cancheer yourself up with a simple neckline. But it is better that the neckline is more demure when the dress is short, since it can seem vulgar for anevent.

#3 How To Dress For An Event With Transparencies?

Oddly enough however there are people wholove the transparencies and lace. It is not bad at all to combine these types of garments for anevent, either formal or informal. However you have to be a little careful because they aregarments that in excess can be very commonand not appropriate for attending an event.

How to combine lace?

We have opted for the lace top and certaintransparencies in black .

The truth is that the top, depending on how it is combined may be inappropriate for an elegant event, but if you combine it with a tailor suit in a contrasting color, it can become a look 10. What do you think of our proposal?

#4 What Jewelry And Accessories Bring To An Event?

As they say in English,  keep it simple-keep it simple. Although you always want to join the fashion and wear one of those extra-large necklaces that are fashionable, better to go withsimple and small pieces so that it is the jewel that looks to you and not the other way around. Also remember that an exclusive piece is alwayssmall and finite. The key to a perfect event?Choose only one piece of costume jewelry.

#5 What Shoes To Wear To An Event?

The heels are always a hit. But keep in mind that if you are very tall, your steps will be unnaturaland you may gain height with them, but neverlose elegance. That is why you choose high shoes but that are comfortable and with which you can walk well.

#6 How Do I Comb My Hair To Go To An Event?

Going professionally does not mean goingboring, so you can bet on a chic hairstyle .

Our recommendation is that you bet on simplehairstyles but that go beyond the perfect straight hair. As for example a semi-collected with loose locks, or make waves to the water in the hair wearing mane, or you can go with a ponytailwearing face.

How Not To Dress For An Event?

– With excess brightness.

– Avoid stamping or shrill colors in a single outfit.

– Avoid leggings.

–  Strapless necklines  (spaghetti straps). Try to cover your shoulders.

– Avoid carrying many accessories, remember that with one is more than enough to shine.

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