Gewinnspiel: Hi-Call Phone Gloves to Win

Beginning of October we have here from the Hi-call Bluetooth gloves phone reports, which were presented at the IFA 2012 by the company hi-Fun as a world first.

Recently, which are hi-call phone gloves sold separately and we have of the company Alan Electronics sent to get a pair of “glove handsets” and then tested them thoroughly. Read the full review in the 1st article according to

The voice quality was however surprisingly well at the microphone as well as at the speaker. Keep warm also do the gloves and the Smartphone also operate without having to take off the glovescan be specially woven threads in the tips of the fingers. The connection works easily via Bluetooth. Now you have a chance, your own pair to win Hi-call glove hand sets!

Win Your Own Hi-Call Phone Gloves

We have a few ungetragene Hi-call gloves in black in “Ladies Size” are with us in the Office. If you want to win these you can do this via Facebook or Twitter.

Win Via Facebook

Go to our Facebook page and comment in the news item on this article, why you would like to have the hi-call gloves.

Gains On Twitter

Alternatively you can also the article here about Twitter your friends Tweet to take part in the competition. In any case, the URL to the article, as well as @trendsblog with show that we get with your tweet.

The winner is determined by us on Friday, November 9, 2012, and notified via Facebook or Twitter.

The Winner:

Belinda K. won with a promise to put on the gloves in the summer and to look for their friends in the summer on the crowded hole. Under the condition that we get a proof photo in the summer, you will be sent to the Hi-call gloves.

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