Geox in Spring

The Italian fashion company Geox has its headquarters in Montebelluna and is listed on the stock exchange. Since 1990 it found, that will improve the micro-climate in the shoes with holes in the soles, can be. Only worked with the elephant children’s shoes, which however didn’t. 1995 Mario Moretti Polegato has newly founded the company Geox. in 1999, the outerwear joined still led what 2000 to international expansion. Since 2008, Geox has athletic shoes golf shoes on sale at

There is a current sport sandal is named Kraze the latest model for the 2011 spring/summer fashion boots from Geox for children. This trendy sandal is offered as a sport and water half sandal. It is a fast dry and sturdy shoe that is very easy to grow in its sporty design. The inside material is anti-bacterial, breathable and soft textile lining with a perforated leather insole. Outer material with velcro on heel and instep held the foot of water repellent high-tech-. Through additional elastic straps on the foot, this shoe sits perfectly and fits exactly to the foot.

Boots for men also adapt the new fashion, like for example a sneaker, which has large come in white with bright decorative stitching in fashion. The upper of this shoe is white leather, which makes an exclusive impression with blue stitching and Hazel reinforcements. The principle of temperature and moisture resistance also at this shoe Geox patented naturally fully to bear.

A particularly interesting women’s shoes from Geox is J Gionia C-ballerina, which uppers consists of white soft leather. A grey leather strap over the toes and the self-fabric velcro closure, as well as the writing of Geox in the writing style on the side allow this women’s shoe what seem special, as you can see at ShopStyle Deutschland. The colorful textile lining and the Pink Ribbon on the toes belong to the spring and summer fashion.

Also in the spring / summer collection for the jackets, Geox has an interesting short jacket in beige, which makes a good impression with four outside pockets and different colored snaps. The material is breathable and transported the humidity like in the shoes outward. There are these jackets in many shapes and colors, both for children and for adults.

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