For a Long Life: to Maintain Your Leather Jacket Correctly

Leather jackets are not only a fashionable highlight, but also a particularly robust garment. So that the leather does not become brittle or cracked, it must be maintained regularly and professionally. We will explain how to maintain, store and impregnate your jacket so that you can enjoy it for many years.

General care tips for your leather jacket

Rather hang up rather than put together and use leather conditioners at regular intervals – with the right care, your leather jacket looks good even after years following How you can make everything right with your new jacket , we show you here.


Leather is a relatively stiff material, so always hang your leatherjacket on a strap: If your jacket is folded in the closet, there is a risk that it will take the folded shape and retain wrinkles.

Keep your leatherware dry and well-ventilated: Leather is a natural product and must be able to breathe as such – in plastic bags, for example, there is a risk that the jacket will begin to mold.

Protect your leather jacket from excessive sunlight and heat: too much UV light makes the leather fade, too much heat makes it brittle.

Really impregnate the leather jacket

So that your leather jacket can withstand rain and cold, you should regularly waterproof it before you wear it for the first time.Before you start, make sure your leather jacket is clean and dry by dusting it with a soft cloth beforehand.

Do not test the product until it is discreet, in order to prevent any discoloration or damage.Always use special products for leather impregnation.The most suitable agents are animal fats or vegetable oils.

When applying the product, be careful not to soak the jacket, but apply it gently with a sponge or cloth: if you use too much impregnation material, the pores will close completely and the leather will not breathe anymore.

Keep the leather jacket supple

To make your leather jacket happy for many years, you should maintain it regularly with leather conditioner.Before use, carefully read the label of the product and use it only for the leather types described on it.Also test the cleaning agent on the inside or in a discreet place to see any discolouration in good time.

If your leather jacket comes into contact with water, leave it dry with moderate heat and then rub it with a leather conditioner.Never use shoe polish for a leather jacket – even for leather shoes – this leaves a film on the leather that prevents your jacket from breathing.

Different leather types

Careful care extends the life of your leather jacket and makes it look new.Before starting the care, you should find out which leather your jacket is made of, since the individual leather types need a different care.

Dyed leather

The term “smooth leather” refers to all the leather, the side of the grain on which the hair is originally grown.It feels pleasantly cool and smooth.The surface of smooth leather can be dyed again, whereby the pores close.In addition, the additional color layer seals the leather: it becomes more resistant, which is why it is often used for leather jackets.

However, the original grain is no longer visible, which is why leather is often used as the base material, which has had scars or unsightly spots.Partially, an artificial grain is subsequently worked into the leather to imitate the leather structure.


  • Although smooth leather is quite resistant to water, you should prefer rainjacket in heavy rain.
  • It is enough to impregnate your leather jacket from smooth leather every 12 to 15 months.
  • Polish your smooth leather jacket only on special occasions, too frequent polishing stains the leather.

Aniline leather

In the case of particularly fine and error-free leathers, the surface is often not dyed but natural: the pores remain open and the natural leather structure is recognizable.This leather is called aniline leather, which feels very soft and sutures to the skin, but is very sensitive to stains and water.They recognize aniline leather by the fact that a water drop penetrates the leather and darkens it.


  • Aniline leather fades quickly, so keep your leather jacket from aniline leather protected from sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with water.
  • Aniline leather should be impregnated at least every eight weeks.


Roughlanders are sanded on the surface, they are also called nubuck and, as a matter of course, also called suede.They recognize ruffle on the velvety surface, which can be painted in different directions.Nubuck leather is very comfortable to wear, but it is also very sensitive.In case of incorrect maintenance and storage

it becomes bland and shiny.

Special features in the care of ruffle leather

  • Just impregnate with a spray, do not rub.
  • Despite impregnation do not wear in the rain.
  • Do not grease or oil, otherwise discolouration will occur.
  • Do not polish.
  • If there are speckles, there are special pads that you can use to roughen the leather.

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