Fashion Tips and Looks for Fatties

Everyone knows that the current fashion pattern favors the skinny women, but it wasn’t always like this. During the Renaissance in the 15th century, the plump, thick thighs and rounded shapes were the ideal of beauty. We can check this appreciation in pictures of famous painters like the Italian Sandro Botticelli and Titian Vicellio, which usually depict their muses naked and always with small dimensions. Europeans believed that the accumulation of fat protected women from low temperature and made them more resistant to diseases, resulting in healthy mothers and with energy to survive childbirth and with greater immunity. However, with the Industrial Revolution, the woman entered the labour market and the meagre soon came to be seen as more agile and productive factories. Then, in the years 90, was the pinnacle of magérrimas almost anorexic-looking models such as Kate Moss, who made many women harming health to achieve this profile. Today, the skinny still reigns, but there is a dispute by preference between the lean and well that have a healthier appearance. And the plump, where that story? Yes, be chubby these days is not easy. To start shopping, because many stores don’t sell larger sizes. And the big complaint about this group is that those with this grid, usually creating clothes without grace and “old”. In brands such as C & A, Renner and Marisa can find large and current models. You, dear fizzy lifting, are overweight and have doubts to get dressed?

There are some fashion tips for fatties, in a post full of looks for fatties.


Black slimming. We women practically grew up hearing that phrase. Not far from the truth, but the fatties can adhere to other colors. Just have a few tricks up my sleeve: v-neck, empire waist and highest markup are great. A blazer on top, be it colorful or black, acinturado and slightly long gives a tuned at shape. But if you prefer not to risk so much on the look, just give a touch of color with accessories, like a handbag not to add volume to the body and colorful scarves or printed that will draw attention to your face.


The blazer is a versatile piece. Can be used for both work and for a walk. To be placed under a contrasting blouse, visually slimming, as it creates a vertical line and is a great option in looks for fatties. Supplement with a shoe of the same hue of the pants and have longer legs.

Long blouse

Sweaters and blazers with modeling a little longer are great to give a tune in the body. Usually people overweight have the hips wider and the piece covering this region gives a good undercover in volume.


Full-bodied fabrics like cotton and denim in evasê modeling are also great to cover a wider hip, do you mark the silhouette and are neither too loose. Enjoy to use a printed piece or strong color.

High waist

The high-waist is a great ally of fatties. In addition to an insured in the belly, she models the body and tuned at the waist (to the skinny is also a great feature, as it creates curves). Use a pair of pants, shorts or skirt with a blouse more loosey-goosey and will be guaranteed success!

Acinturado dress

Very fair dress is not the best option to look for fatties. Usually highlight and sometimes gives the impression of increase a little bit the volume. Off too much is not good. Fattening and gives a square silhouette. Choose a model a little more fluffy and lightly mark waist with a belt or a track. This trick will let the more harmonious and with curves in all the right places.

There’s another taboo! Many fat women spend away from those clothes. But are not required to, just know how to use. A basic Tip: stampings with dark background decrease the size, and with light background increases. The same goes for large prints, you don’t value the fatties, but can go deep in the girls! They are released! There are still other points: the prints call enough attention to the part of the body where lies, so enjoy to use this trick on your behalf and disguise what else bothers you. For example, if the region that you least like are the big breasts and large belly, combining a pants emblazoned with dark shirt. Small floral designs and because they look better while large flowers and geometric print increase. The explanation is in the optical effect created by the outline of forms that is more visible by reflection of the lighter color and shade of the projected curves in the fabric. The brain ends up seeing the body profile in the same format, which makes the silhouette visually rounder.

  • Party

It is often difficult to find a party that enhances the body of a fatty. Usually the costumes are always low-cut well everywhere like breasts, back, arms and waist. But there’s room for all. How about a manguinha? Long or short gives a disguised in that arm toddlerhood, is elegant and makes you look leaner. Structured fabrics also fall super well why not mark the body. And do not think that only the black is allowed. The important thing is the modeling. She will set the tone of your shape. Choose a template acinturado and stay attentive to detail. The draped, for example, in excess can be a disaster and create too much volume. Or, as in the case of the image below, can be an ally to redraw the body. And for a party chic, it’s worth investing in a Spanx.

  • Accessory

Accessories can give that basic help. Colorful earrings and scarves called attention to the face, but the real trick is the long necklace that besides creating a focal point in the center of the body and draw the attention of parties usually bigger, still stretches the silhouette. You can take the test in front of the mirror with and without the necklace and will see the difference.

  • Swimsuit

This item could not miss. Have you seen any overweight woman on the beach or pool without the unfailing black swimsuit? If you have noticed, you were lucky, because I’ve never seen! I was always uncomfortable to feel that many of these women find that this bathing suit is allowed. What nonsense! You are right that we are scantily clad in a bathing suit and the possibility of disguising something is much smaller, but there are always details in our favor as draping that shape the waist and wider straps. And if the swimsuit is printed, use a black background. The image below with the smooth side is awesome, because it makes it look like the waistline is thinner.

  • Bikini

They were excited about the swimsuit and want to go further? Why not a bikini? Wide straps are fundamental to provide support to the breasts, which, moreover, must be well covered. And again the high waist is present. In addition to disguise the belly flab and tires and shape the body, still gives a vintage air super charming.

  • Not every rule is valid

The most important thing is to wear the coat to see if it looks good on their bodies. The XL looks tips are useful to get a sense, to be a guide but should not be an imposition. You need to see what works in their bodies. After all, there are all kinds of fatties: wide, thick legs with hip and little volume from the waist up, or large on top, with larger, thinner legs arms and little butt. And you still have that with all topping, like big breasts, arms, thighs, tummy and hip enough. I don’t like when I hear something like “never use horizontal stripes, as it increases. Prefer the vertical stretch! “. Actually, the tendency is to create this optical illusion, but not always so. You have to prove the piece with horizontal stripes, go in front of a mirror and see if it looks good. And sometimes it gets really good. So girls, don’t forget: trust yourself, enjoy the body and use the tips as a help, not an imposition. Get the tips, go to the front of the mirror and then you will learn what you value their bodies. And to prove that not all rule is valid I selected some images of “forbidden” parts for fatties, how a dress with horizontal stripes (remember the trick of long coat over?), also 62 and fluid dress with white background (notice the girls concentrated mainly in prints that lap is the most lean body and still calls attention to the face) and also another image with a dress on a white background and geometric prints ( long sleeve and waist marked with a thin belt are great allies). See how you can take care of everything?

And there, ladies? Feeling more at ease to expand the wardrobe? Liked the chubby looks for options? Let your London in comments below and if you liked that post, share in PROEXCHANGERATES.COM.

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