Different Types of Chic Style

It is quite amusing to say that a law banning the wearing of trousers by women was still very much there are few. Several times in recent years it has been proposed to invalidate the law that goes totally against the parity men / women of our time. It was only in 2013 that the law was finally repealed and simply because of its incompatibility “with the principles of equality between women and men are enshrined in the Constitution and the European commitments of France.”

Although in our time the trend was reversed because it has become even more delicate to wear skirts in some circles, be aware that the long trousers for men has somewhat gained momentum in the early twentieth century famous actresses – Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn-who wore it willingly. Who does not remember also not the famous pantsuit worn by Marlene Dietrich? Chic pants, it certainly was!

It took again until the 60s that the pants between a little in manners thanks to the designers André Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent. They presented the women’s trousers as a fashion item, leading to honor chic jeans and suit pants. Subsequently, the social taboo for women to wear trousers in schools, the workplace and in hupés restaurants, has gradually disappeared.

How to Be Chic Pants?

Between jeans, casual pants or city, nowadays the choice is vast! Besides the style, material and length, there are a lot of cuts so that every figure and every woman is benefiting.

With 3suisses. fr is the dress pants that we will look to offer you adopt the chic trousers whether an outfit for going to the office or out, you’ll still the pace!

And as we like offer gentle prices, enjoy floating balances 3Suisses! The offer is valid from October 28 to November 3, 2014, in stocks (also on the fall-winter collection 2014), limited to certain colors and certain sizes.

The Right Pants

With its straight cut and Refining you are sublime, chic look assured in pants! To vary the black we chose beige rosé to associate with the matching jacket, a gray satin blouse and a pair of shoes to jump silhouette of course!

You can also opt for this shirt available up to size 52:

The Cigarette Pants

This pant is worn close to the body and puts the figure in value through its Refining cut. Here we still varies from black with navy blue Version! The focus is on timeless elegance combo of navy / white!

The peplum top will hide your curves while putting your value curves!

The Evening Pants

And to accentuate your curves, sheathing please! With its built panty invisible and very comfortable, it has the power to reshape your curves to get a perfect look. We love the straight cut and wide eternally feminine!

It plays the chic transparency with a single pull in lace that is worn on the skin but with a nice contrasting suit jacket closed over.

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