Crochet Blouse: Fashion Tips

A handcrafted character piece, the crocheted blouse is one of the pieces of choice for the warmer days. Check out some fashion tips and hints on how to match your crochet blouse.

It is quite common to see a crochet blouse in shades of light beige, almost white. At the same time, crochet blouses were initially used as beachwear pieces, but nowadays they easily adapt to our lifestyle. Since fashion is a cycle, crochet blouses come in many attractive designs and colors. For example, a 3/4 wide crocheted sleeveless shirt with a loose-fitting coral color is super well matched with another trend, the floral pattern trousers. In this case, the skinny jeans style pants features flowers with colors that complement the blouse very well. On the feet, navy-blue boots or ankle boots look beautiful on the set. Accessorize with wide silver bracelets and a tote bag style, in nude or light pink.

The crochet blouse can also be adapted to a more formal and professional look with a feminine and delicate touch. The gray top top can be used for a special occasion, as long as the inside is not transparent(the shirt must have lining). A very clear and versatile look that also incorporates a pair of white jeans, straight cut. Bet on comfortable footwear by choosing sandals with applications of stones and ribbons in metallic silver.The accessories should complement the entire look, select beautiful pearls in ivory, silver and white.Finalize the look with a medium-sized, structured, white bag.

For a more relaxed look, try combining a smooth flowing, medium-brown crocheted blouse with skinny, medium-wash jeans. Inside the blouse put a black top or a neutral color, like white. Check out a touch of color to the visual by choosing accessories in red, for example. Rustic and large bracelets and a medium and casual style purse is a good option. You can also choose trendy colors like emerald green, monaco blue, coral or orange. Enjoy the tone of the blouse to choose shoes that complement the whole look. A medium brown and nude pumps finish the whole composition. Have fun and do not be afraid to risk composing your looks with crochet blouses!

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