Burda Style – March

Magical Autumn

We started this month with a magical edition. Every season we want to renew our looks and we need a lot more than motivation, but that special touch.

The fashion is enchanting with blouses and light dresses with well feminine geometric prints combined with long jackets and waistcoats. Yes, Autumn asks for a few more closed pieces, because winter is almost there. The sporty chic remains with parts influenced by American cheerleaders, models to use and have fun.

The plus size is piu bella, inspired by the Italian cinema divas, such as Sophia Loren and Monica Belucci, with sexy lines that value the shape of the woman. Who doesn’t want to feel valued like that?

The Victorian era appears in frills, laces, satins and velvets (pay attention that he is from

Back in coats, straight-cut trousers and blouses for touse on several occasions.

There are still ideas for you to customize your pieces, value the sleeves of shirts and manufacture a beautiful ecobag.

Don’t forget to visit our virtual store, always has a new model for you to buy and download. Projects that did not leave in Brazil, and I am sure that you will find yours, as I found (incidentally were several…)

Good stitches and I’ll see you soon!

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