Black Widow Halloween Costume and Tutorial

A Black Widow Spider is a lady who brought an or better several spouses around the corner according to the mating cannibalism of the eponymous spider. So this is a wonderful and simple Halloween costume idea.Halloween Costume

In this profession’s brought the black widow Elfriede Blauensteiner (1931-2003) to fame. The Austrian was looking for their wealthy and dependent persons victims through personal ads and maintained them until she could persuade them to marriage. Before she killed their victims, she had fake corresponding wills by their lawyer. Because she was addicted to gambling, she gambled away the most money in casinos.

Their murder method was to their victims with a blood sugar-lowering drug combined with an antidepressant to make first unconscious, and they then die a death of frostbite by she put ice cold towels on them. She called the emergency services after a while and the surviving victims died within the next few hours in the hospital. Seems to be working…

Black Widow Outfit

A Black Widow Spider is of course first and foremost… black.

It is Victorian neo-baroque to style the black widow, but you can enable them at any time.

I’m wearing a black multi shirred satin evening skirt with small train, a transparent body with a kind of flame pattern and in a satin corset.

Accessories are long power gloves to do this, fishnet tights, little boots and a Jett beads Choker.

A big hat with veil is very important. The black widow mourns Yes all the time…

I have a witches hat, the tip of the hat in the hat in stuffed and in a 2 m x 1 m large piece of transparent cloth drapes.

A small Raven fabric sitting on my hat also. This is my “black widow – pet”. This includes an oversized spider is of course also super.

The black widow outfit is also perfect if you want to look sexy, but would like to show as little skin. For me, actually only the face is uncovered (and only) if I tagged have draped the veil.

Black Widow Makeup

To say it first and foremost get stuck, small rubber spiders for a cool photo with mastic in the face are but totally unsuited to go to a party.

Sooner or later provide gravity and a sweating face it that they fall off and then you may have adhesive residue in the face.

The makeup of the black widow can make quite normal, important one is dark eyes with smokey eyes and a Crimson or black mouth in the end.

I have decorated my eyes with a kind of purple flames/jagged’s to take the flame from the neckline of my body. The eyes are initially completely shaded from the crease up to the eyebrows in dark green, the darkest tone under the eyebrows is the brightest in the crease. Lila is the movable lid.

Then I painted on the teeth with eyeliner and painted with the purple eye shadow. Finally the spikes are outside surrounded with the green eye shadow. The whole thing is also super witch makeup.

As a black widow can be painted very well spider webs with eyeliner or Kohl in the face himself. The most beautiful Web discovery of this kind is the makeup links of Valerie Vixen. Here also good idea to wrap gauze as a Spider Web instead of veil around his head.

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