3 Ways Your Clothes Affect Your Health

We can not imagine that a piece of clothes, so helpless, can do us harm(besides not giving our best message to the world), but sometimes it happens.

The first clothing that harms you is the one with the  wrong fibers.

Yeah. Looking at the label of your pieces is not only essential for them to last longer and to verify that the cost is according to the benefit, but also to make sure that they will not cause you any problems.

The fibers themselves do not give an exact allergy, but they can irritate your skin with friction(especially in summer), make you sweat more by not letting air circulate properly(mainly acrylic and polyester) and also make problems worse Breathing, since some retain a lot of dust.

Other clothes that can do you a lot of harm are those skinny pants so tight it seems to pack you in a vacuum.

Besides being great cause of cellulite, the prolonged use of this type of pants can bring problems in the intimate areas  and still leave you without walking.

Equally worrisome are those(almost all) produced without the least environmental concern.

It’s nice to renovate the closet by spending little, but everything has its cost. It’s even worse to know that even when we spend a little more, it’s the same risk.

The chemicals used in the production of clothing(both in cultivation and in finishing) are the most worrying: they pollute the air and water of our planet, kill animals and even people who deal directly with fiber handling – such as workers Which develop cancer because of the pesticides used in cotton plantations.

But the problem does not stop there. Many of the finalizing products, such as those used to make your pieces softer or to preserve them during transport, for example, can be absorbed through our skin, bringing allergic reactions to even more serious problems that have not yet been measured-so it is so It is important to wash the parts before using them.

Alias, be smart because these products are not only found in adult clothing or cheap clothing. In 2014, for example, Greenpeace found a series of toxicants in children’s pieces even in brands like Burberry ! Clothes library in http://www.pharmacylib.com/.

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