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Diy Wedding

If you already started planning your wedding, surely you have spent hours and happy days stuck at Pinterest. And is that, where else you can find hundreds of ideas “do it-you-same” for your big day? While it is true that this platform is … Continue reading

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Craft Fun with Bending Rings

Jump rings and eyelets are quite handy. You need one at the Pearl Jewelry do all the time. Jump rings are available in different sizes. You most jump rings are “open”, so that you can connect anything. There are also closed rings. They are excellent for closures. Alternatively, … Continue reading

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DIY: Headboard+Cork Wallpaper Adhesive

Carla M, our guest today, showed how to reduce that “white background” the wall of your room by creating a beautiful head of Cork, the wallpaper adhesive was the “icing on the cake”. Like the idea? So come see this transformation.

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Unsafe Toys from Mattel: Company Failure in Communication

Idec checked today, 16/08, which Mattel started to disclose the “recall” (or call) in the media for some of his toys by present security risks of children. However, the note published in the written press did not have enough and … Continue reading

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Gewinnspiel: Hi-Call Phone Gloves to Win

Beginning of October we have here from the Hi-call Bluetooth gloves phone reports, which were presented at the IFA 2012 by the company hi-Fun as a world first.

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Mazda Fashion & Design

The fashion and the hat dance design will have their gala evening celebrating the farewell of the 2011 excellent who lived the city of Guadalajara. On 7 December the presentation will take place in the novel MAZDA Fashion & Design, giving … Continue reading

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Nail Color That Most Favors

Today in demodaybelleza we analyze the skin tone so that you discover the color of nails that most favors according to your style. Choose thecolor that best fits you now!

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How to Knit a Pattern on Sweater

Autumn colors Copper tones are very in this season. Thanks to the wool colours you need no pattern and can simply make the sweater. Material LANG YARNS ELENA (wool, acrylic) 700/800/900/1000 g 7/8/9/10 Knl = Aubergine 886.0080. LANG YARNS / ADDI … Continue reading

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How to Make Crochet Espadrilles

eContent Knitting pattern for crocheted Espadrilles Material The Guide to download… Gratisanleitung Espadrilles-the shoe of summer! Make your favorite model yourself. This easy knitting pattern helps you.

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DIY: Do It Yourself

DIY is the acronym of the expression in English Do It Yourself, which means “do it yourself”, according to abbreviationfinder. The DIY can be considered a “philosophy of life”, where the participants choose to abstain from buying furniture, decorative objects … Continue reading

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