Young Beauty of Glossybox

As you can see, today I bring you a new edition of the model Young Beauty from Glossybox. I explain briefly what brings and first impressions that I have not yet tested products.

First, have made less the classical box pink, that so cute and so useful that they always send those of Glossybox and that I take this opportunity each time to save my so.

So accustomed to the box from the inside, this time I opened the package of messaging and what was my surprise that the content of the external packing box, is I poured out on the ground 🙁

How have I missed the container box ever! Not you have equal to you ran?

And we go for the content…

I start with something that I loved! the Hydra-Lip Ultra Yanbal . It’s a very moisturizing lip pencil and however, does not “escape” by the profile of the lips as it is usual in the very creamy lipsticks according to The tone that I’ve had is the “black velvet” and is simply beautiful! I love how smell, texture and finish. It also has SPF 15. Its selling price is €16.

Makeup, brings also a replacement for the brand palette e.l.f. Beauty On The Go Single Palette in the “Party Perfect” model. You can find different models for a same container or pallet. The relationship of quality is commensurate with its price, which I think are €4.50. It is not the type of makeup that I usually use, because as all you know I do this professionally. For those who begin, perhaps a more suitable product.

It also offers a card with a discount code for the amount of shipping charges when making the first request to the web for elf cometicos. Voucher expires on November 30 and is for orders over €15. So the discount comes to be about 3 euros.

Another thing found me good this box are a single dose of Nivea VisageHouse masks.Actually in each packet brings two applications and very properly packaged the two (I hate leaving envelopes to medium use open in the bathroom). As well, it brings two packets of two doses each of them by what you can try the Moisturizing and Refreshing mask four times. Usually I usually buy my masks in another type of container, but I acknowledge that the product is kept in very good condition and is very easy to store and carry. The selling price is €1.80

Brings a Big Comb comb IT Creative Styligof tines very separate and good topped and finished. I find it very appropriate to untangle the curls after washing or to relocate. Ideal to take to the beach or to the pool, for example. Available in 5 different colours but that has been in my box is a very cute uploaded rose. Its selling price is €1.99.

And finally brings a Sparkling GEL PAPULEX of Sinclair Pharma. It’s a sparkling gel without SOAP for skin with blemishes and acne. Use every morning and night on moist skin and gently massage all over face. This product is not suitable for my type of skin that is dry and sensitive, so possibly I regalaré who can be useful, found me a good product and inspires confidence in me. Its selling price is €18.60

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