The Beauty is also Fashion Business

Normally when we talk about fashion the first thing that comes to mind is clothing, footwear and accessories, but must take into account that turns as the beauty are also a main part of this industry, or will I say that the models out of face washed on the catwalk? NEVER!!

Lately I have seen that open beauty salons as if they opened grocery stores, it is important to remind them that no matter the spin always it is necessary to know what we want and we must do to have a business that is cost-effective, profitable and above all to survive the harsh changes in the market, we cannot expect that a business will prosper if we are not constants with our customer service hours understand our selling prices to the public and even something important to be consistent with what we sell and do, you can’t be a master of makeup and hairstyle that will always linked to the neatness and beauty with a pulled lounge, filled with knickknacks and other things that they have nothing to do with the business according to

Today I can proudly say that I know a couple of real entrepreneurs of beauty as Germán Cañete and Ionathan Ortiz, who not only they have been able to take care of your business and they have done to grow, but also have been positioning their name as a brand based on trust and professionalism.

When we talk about business of beauty, I don’t mean to Mary Kay or Avon, but since those manufacturers of makeup such as MAC or specialists in the care of hair like Tresseme. In Mexico, there are an incredible amount of brands devoted to these two areas, one of the first that comes to mind is GOC which was born in Guadalajara and gradually memory of Tec Italy or Pravana, has been positioning itself in the market, in hair products although I prefer NCB everyone of the Group náttúra. These companies of beauty and aesthetics in Mexico and many others are proving conclusively that can do the things well, just is a matter of always be clear about the objective, set achievable goals and always walking step by step.

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