Talk about False Eyelashes!

Hi, goxxxxtosas! Our chat today will be about false eyelashes! Uhuuul < 3

A lot of people ask me about false eyelashes, which my favorite, what the, what the most natural and everything!

So no mystery, I’m going to show you what my favorite lashes!

That’s right, the First Kiss are the best in quality, and the best: it’s cheap!

I think this is the darling of a lot of people, right? I’ve had almost every model because I really don’t miss any other brand for false eyelashes at ElaineQho, I’ve met in this and every time I go buy eyelashes, it is where I go!

My Favorites are: Au Naturale 2 (super natural and unobtrusive), Naturale 3 (more powerful) and Au Naturale 4 (mega power powerful!). The Diva line is also very good!

This is not to say that only the Firts is good, on the contrary! Of course you have expensive lashes that are perfect (like the MAC), but I’ve always stuck by the cost benefit. If you can be nice and cheap, perfect for me!

You need to recognize in a good mascara is primarily the line where the eyelashes are born, if they are transparent and invisible, period! The Cilia (bristles) need to be as natural as possible, if you see what they’re made of nylon and reflect very bright (as if they were plastic) these appear to be the most “posties” and flee! With that in mind, you can go to the search of the eyelashes that you like!

You know those eyelashes of china who comes every 10:00 pm card? Has several models that I love! Just keep an eye on key points that tell you right now, if they are ok, I got it!

These days I discovered a brand of lashes that I’m loving! It is also super cheap, Crème (pictured above) and both brands that I mentioned here (First Kiss and Crème) you are in Cosmetic Charm!

In the picture below I’m using the Au Naturale 4, no discreet, but is powerful! I LOVE!! < 3

BIA, and your favorite glue?

Is this!! No doubt, people! The First Kiss also has a super glue good and cheap, but this to me is a winner! You know that glue that you don’t need to wait the 60 seconds to apply? So is she! Very amazing < 3

And who want to know how to apply, and such, I leave a video below which is antiguinhos (was Blondie still kkkkkk), but teaching everything well right! < 3

Like our chat today, love? I hope so! Made with love to help you and answer your questions about this world of lashes! hahaha

Let your comments down here that I want to read < 3

A super Kiss, darlings! Stay with God and later with NEW VIDEO!

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