Nail Color That Most Favors

Today in demodaybelleza we analyze the skin tone so that you discover the color of nails that most favors according to your style. Choose thecolor that best fits you now!

Do You Know The Nail Color That Most Favors According To Your Skin Tone?

The hands are one of the most exposed and visible parts of the body and therefore we must take into account how to look them appropriately in any situation. Do you want to know what your color is? Also we reveal how tolengthen your nails visually.

The color of the nails reflects the personality and taste of people, however when choosing colors, we must take into account the following:

The occasion

The skin tone

the trends

#1 The Occasion | Nail Color That Most Favors

The occasion will always be the one that determines to us which color is the right one for each moment. It is not the same to go to work as to party at night. In the office we should always look nails cared for and not just call attention. It is best to wear a French manicure according to

If instead decide to party at night, the most successful colors would be dark depending on the look you wear.

#2 Skin Tone|Nail Color That Most Favors

Clear Skins-What Is The Color Of Nails That Most Favors?

For this type of skin uses intense shades and fullof colored pigments. The dark glazes, such as black, brown, burgundy, eggplant, burgundy, dark blue… are perfect to match the lighter shade of your skin. In addition, they will give light to your skin and also make you look more dark.

Dark Skin-What Is The Color Of Nails That Most Favors?

For dark or tan skin, you should try to avoid thevery dark tones, as they do not emphasize thecolor of your skin. Dare with summer enamels, light and fun colors. Your skin type is perfect for summer enamels. These photo enamels are the most worn this summer, dare with them!

Furs With Freckles-What Is The Color Of Nails That Most Favors?

If the tone of your skin is freckled and your hair is red, mahogany or coppery, it uses blue, green and dark red tones. Try to avoid too light tones like beige, pink or orange. Power your skin colorwith shades that create contrasts.

Do You Know How To Lengthen Your Nails?

The last trick today is to visually lengthen your nails. The tip is in the form of painting the nails, if you do not fill them completely and leave a margin to each side of the nails, your nails will seem longer, and your hands will look finer. Test it!

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