How to Put False Eyelashes

I’ve had enough of hearing in the places where I step, like malls, shops, parties, a question that when they stare at my eyes, I already know it comes:”Do you use false eyelashes?”

Well, obviously, in the day-to-day I never wear it and never used it. But, a short time ago, I realized that when I saw the artists in the magazines, and I thought they were much prettier than usual, while observing well their makeups, you could see that they were always using the blessed ones.

Always in the search for novelties–I mean, all I want to apply to others, try on me first, and that was new to me–I decided to try the feature. I just loved it.

I must confess that my natural eyelashes are very large and only with mascara I can get a great effect. But to get that cat eye, just with them… Our eye, usually, has the longest ones in the middle, and the fakes give great effect on the outer corner. I use a lot for pictures and parties.

How to put: buy the whole eyelashes. Cut the remaining wires relative to the extent of the root of your own eyelashes (usually cuts a three or four wires) and apply from the outer corner of the eye to the intern. If Prefeirir in Tufinhos, put a three, also in the outer corner. I prefer the whole, because they give less work and become more harmonics–if yours are too short, they will be only those big wires in the corner, very desparelhos with yours.

You can choose the eyelashes you prefer. The market offers various types, of various prices, choose what you find most natural. I like the Vertix brand, the medium braided type. The glue can be black or transparent. I suggest the brand ‘ RS, which I have found very good, and is easily found in cosmetic shops. In time to take, they are still well’m confused–they never took off the many times I used. They cost around £ 15.00.

Take the eyelashes that you cut with a tweezer or with the fingertips, soak well the root of it in the glue, wait about 30 seconds, and then stick well at the root of your own eyelashes. If you used the black glue and smudged, you need to put eyeliner very well then, very close to the root.

Don’t think this is so hard. Once you get the practice, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

The canisters come with only one pair. But if you get home and they’re still healthy, you can use the same ones again without problems.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, look at the montage of photos that my photographer did when we decided to go crazy with these fake eyelashes from etaizhou I won from outside Brazil. They’re pretty conceptual makeups, ideals to go to the mall, the carnival, the pharmacy…hehehe!

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