HTC One Mini 2: Leaked Images and Specifications

HTC’s new superstar comes in mini version, 3 colors and with 13 megapixel camera.

Since HTC should present their flagship anno 2014, was the surprise is not great. A constant stream of leaked photos, videos and test up to launch HTC One did (M8) to an open secret.

Mini Edition of  light option is available-version of HTC One is reportedly also on the way. Twitter-tipsteren EVLeaks releases a series of press photos, which confirms the HTC One mini successor will available in gold, silver and dark gray.

The afbilledede device will be adorned by a 4.5 inch HD screen and HTC’s Boom Sound loudspeakers. On the performance front the new mini will be less velekviperet than its more expensive big brother. A Snapdragon 400 quad-core at 1.4 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM, should drive Android 4.4 and the latest Sense 6.0 software from HTC.

On the back one notices to both double-photo light and Duo-the camera is saved away. Instead, they supposedly get a 13MP camera on the back and a selfievenligt 5MP camera on the front. Storage space will be on and there will be a 16 GB micro-SD drive to any extensions

When it will hit the Danish trade remains to be seen, but insider sources have said to of the British launch will take place during May.

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