Diy Wall Mandala

I prepared another DIY for you love to do this kind of post, because I love put his hand in the cookie jar, and I love it even more when you put and leave the House more beautiful and personalized. Those who follow theInstagram blog knows that a few weeks ago leaves in search of cheap products for decorating the House, and brought back some things to do 3 DIYs, a I’ll show today, another has made a video and on Friday of next week he and other post I will show you later on. Anyway, there’s a lot of good stuff coming around.

The DIY today is very easy to make and super mega cheap, is that baratex decor you are looking for. And where I got the idea? The last movie I put here to inspire you, inspired me super  if you do not see check outhere.

I don’t know the exact name of the project that I did, so I called mandala, but if you have another name and you know tell me. Found at two reais a mirror and thought he would be ideal for my project, so in addition to mirror the material I used was:

Pretty simple huh? Then we go to the walkthrough.

I disassembled the mirror I bought, we only need the mirror, then cut the paper into strips, use a thicker paper (normal paper won’t be sturdy enough), I used the thickness of the ruler to the strips, so I didn’t have to keep measuring all the time.

After you cut all the strips, let’s spend a strip of paper around the mirror, like this:

Now it’s time to start making the mandala, cut your strips in 10 cm, take two at a time and paste tips as well as the image, I used the paint pot to help make the format I wanted, you don’t have to leave just to paste, do it with all the amount you set.

After pasted everything it’s time to glue in the mirror, it’s quite simple, and hold a little not to be wrong, it’s not good to rush, it took me three days to make ready, I waited quite dry and done without haste.

Notice in the picture above that after all put I opened leaves and glued together and used the clips to hold until paste right. After that I made over a row with pieces of the same size, and finally did a larger parts, instead of 10 cm, 12 cm cut.

With everything glued our mandala is ready, now it’s just put on the wall, I bought a silk paper to paste on the wall, and did it anyway I taught here. I put on the wall of my hallway and then I glued the mandala using hot glue.This role does not spoil the wall, I took to my other House and the wall continued perfect hold paint or anything and you can use hot glue on top of the paper that he protects the wall.

What you thought of DIY wall mandala? Easy and inexpensive decoration which gives a new face to the environment. And if you want to further decorate the wall, a wall clock from Dictfurniture is a good choice!

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