Semi Permanent Nail Polish OnyxNail

Perfect nails and bright for weeks: it VernisGel, the line of semi-permanent glaze by OnyxNail for those who want to save time, always having a perfect look.

The semi permanent polish VernisGel and ‘excellent UV Gel of German origin who dries lamp and remove very quickly with a solvent. Ultracoprente already d first pass, VernisGel is thin as a nail polish, apply quickly and lasts for weeks, just like a reconstruction a gel!

For the spring summer 2013 OnyxNail proposes the red as the top color, presenting three variants of this shade timeless, perfect to bring out the clear skins like dark skin: a sensual color and elegant atmosphere perfect to sparkle under the first rays of spring sunshine.

The new glazes gel effect for the spring summer 2013 of VernisGel by Oxynail are inspired by the most chic look from the red carpet, and the names of these products are really emblematic: Perly Red, Red Star and Red Puro.

For Onyxnail red robe our nails from morning to evening: Perly Red is a full red made ​​unique by precious pearly, Red Star is a beautiful red color that tends to a delicious cherry and Pure Red is red par excellence, the one star that all women adore.

The special creamy texture of these semi-permanent glaze makes them easy to apply, to a gel effect guaranteed result for many weeks. These valuable products are ideal for spring-summer 2013 are kept in elegant glass bottles covered with silver aluminum 12 ml, it characterized also by a professional applicator useful to stretch the most of the enamel.

Here is a closer in brand new  VernisGel by Onyxnail:




The new VernisGel by Onyxnail But I do not finish here: the brand of excellence in terms of semi-permanent enamels for spring summer 2013 collection also features three new shades of nail polish with fresh colors perfect for the summer.

The brand new nuance of VernisGel are Magenta, a shocking pink for sophisticated nails, Pearly Pink, a trendy pink pearl inspired by Pop Art and Green Water, a green sea water which has fascinated the sea and summer.

Here also these beautiful colors signed OnyxNail in detail




I like the new OnyxNail for the spring-summer 2013? If like us adore these nuances, we invite you to visit the online shop of this Italian brand dedicated to nail products: the friends BeautYdea has dedicated an exclusive 5% discounton all purchases made ​​before May 2, 2013 by inserting at the checkout discount code: “VERNISGEL”.

What are you waiting? Immerse yourself with us in this colorful world of semi-permanent glaze hot colors for spring-summer 2013 signed by VernisGel Onyxnail!

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