Trendy: Buzios

Straight from the time tunnel of years 90, the BUZIOS–common name of various marine molluscs with shell format–form the necklaces that became a trend this season. Who has never seen a colarzinho like that?

These charming little shells are up more precisely in the neck adjusted more necklaces following directorYaah, Chokers calls I’ve talked here in our column.

The Chokers of Buzios has everything to do with summer and the more informal and relaxed looks this season, combining with swimwear/pool that can keep in touch with the water without detrimental (unless terminated with metal templates).

Besides charming models are easy to find: craft fairs, shops of accessories, large magazines and even on the street vendors. And the best part is the price, very cheap and accessible for all of us.

If you don’t like the neck adjusted models there are other nifty accessories options to follow the trend: “long one” cord with one or more Buzios, Buzios turns 2 collar to adjust, with silver or gold metal finish (more sophisticated, accompany the beach looks more elaborate), use the Paste as tiara, bracelet and so on.

I believe that the trend should last until the end of the Carnival that nearly coincides with the end of our summer, so from the time you join the fashion without fear of making mistakes. Some it girls ever appeared using their colarzinhos, what spurred, and the sale of accessories with buzios.

Now my opinion: I’m not a big fan, I think we have no other options of most beautiful accessories and even more colorful, but it’s a matter of taste right? You are free to use whatever you want ok?

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