Manicure Trends

If you are looking for some cute and funny idea to renew your manicure still winter theme, take a cue from stronger trend for next spring-summer 2016. Among the main trends of the coming season, we find the two Pantone 2016 color, Rose Quartz and blue Serenity and other pastel shades, as well as timeless nail lacquer red and bare, but the midnight blue, matte black, dark purple, gray, and for those who want to color and imagination, there are the geometric lines and colors metallic, gold and silver. While if you are imaginative and like to dare then splurge on the lettering, a must of nail art 2016. 

As for the shape of the nails, the trends they want slanted or slightly squared, so say goodbye to long nails and be inspired by these ideas:

Nails in the Pantone Color 2016

Among the trendiest colors in 2016 are the pastel colors, in particular is good to choose between two shades of all: the Rose Quartz or the Blue Serenity, the two colors chosen by Pantone for this year, perfect to combine with romantic outfits.

Metallic nails

Nail art makes metal for next season, both in graphics, with metallic lines applied on trend manicure with special stencils that contrasting colors, for example one of the trends is to create lines and shapes gold or silver on the manicure in other colors, as in the pastel pink tones, nude or bronze.

Dark nails

Among the dark colors, black is back starring in every genre: matte, glossy, brilliant, nuanced, total black or just for decoration, but also the purple matte or shiny. Both are must-haves for 2016, that will never go out of style.

Nails nude effect

The manicure trend nude effect, knows no decline, indeed, the nail dressed in beige, flesh-colored powder or like the stars, but also to the designers, who have sent this trend on the catwalk in their parades. But be careful to choose the right shade, tuned to their complexion: for example, fair skin should opt for the pink shade or a cooler base, and the darker / olive scales may instead choose a shade that turns golden.

Super colorful nail

For color lovers and in particular of the most garish colors, the green light to the imagination, yes to super colorful nails, even with different shades on the same hand if well coordinated, maybe even with geometric spellings.

Nails with french alternative

The french still remains among the most favored of the manicure, but for the next season give him a more sparkling and innovative touch with milky base combined with a colored bezel bright colors such as emerald green, red or yellow sun. For the most original you can play with every color and application, it is important to use shades contrasting with each other that make the manicure very interesting.

Nails lettering effect

Among the most original nail art trends for next spring-summer 2016, there is the lettering, or fingernails turn into a kind of tweets where you write a very specific message that will not go unnoticed, just like your manicure!

Nail effect luminous touch

No to glitter and colored specks, so instead the colors bright and satin, which allow you to turn on the light points on the hands, as a sort of strobing for the manicure.

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