Review Sony Mdr-Xb650bt: the Headphones with Extra Bass

The MDR-XB650BT1 headset combines deep, powerful EXTRA BASS ™ 2 sound with wireless freedom and extended comfort.

Music is something we always like to have with us, whether at home, in the car, on public transport, at our workplaces and even when we are studying. In other words, it is something very portable and is always everywhere. But fortunately the musical tastes of each one of us to nobody else, if there is something that annoys me, is to go on a public transport and have that “quince” to listen to music with your phone without some headphones, forcing everyone around you of hearing the same as him. Whether it’s because someone wants to talk to the partner on the side, or because they do not like the song in question, or some other reason.

Thinking in this kind of situation, the big musical manufacturers are in the successive search for the perfection of the headphones.And today what we bring is precisely that, let’s do our analysis to the Sony MDR-XB650BT, which promise to be one of the best in what it does.But let’s see …

Given my preferences, I confess that I was a little apprehensive and curious to try to understand how they behaved a headphones that promise to offer ExtraBass. However, I got a pleasant surprise with both its sound quality and its overall experience.
I do not know for what market niche Sony planned to sell this gadget, but certainly for all those who intend to take full advantage of the Bass. However I think above all, the MDR-XB650BT will impress all those who enjoy listening to less violent music and enjoy all the quality of instruments and voice.
In the tests I was performing, I varied a lot of the musical genres I was listening to.

If there were moments when the headphones fascinated me, it was during those hours that we arrived home after a day’s work, we took to the sofa, we turned on the spotify and we closed our eyes for a moment. That’s right, the Chill Out music on this Sony device allows us to have a fantastic experience ( something like that ).

This is also a good choice for those consumers of video content, such as Netflix. It offered us a good experience, with the most diverse frequencies that makes us stay fixed on the small screen of our smart phones.
Here at, the headphones are very comfortable and snug enough to keep outside noises out of our hearing. It also comes with built-in microphone, which means that we do not need to remove the headphones because of some voice call that enters our phone.

Another very positive fact is the navigation buttons on the device.Alias, on the right-ear phone, we have the Power button, the microphone’s small hole, the micro USB port, the volume buttons and the navigation buttons.In the left earphone, we only have the NFC for easy pairing with a smartphone with this technology.

Unfortunately these headphones also have less good things.The quality of voice calls is not the best.Unlike the sound of music, movies, etc. the quality of voice calls is a little weak, however, we are facing a headset that was certainly not designed to make/receive calls, so I look at this functionality as being a bonus.The microphone looks good, because in all the calls I made/received, the other side listened to me perfectly.

As I am beginning to conclude this article, I am using the headphones to hear the music of the video below, and I can say that the sound is simply spectacular.


Sony is known for its credibility in audio space, and once again does not leave that fame by the hands of others.The company has mastered its prowess with products that are of high quality.Sony’s wireless headphones, MDR-XB650BT, have a lot going for it.Its audio quality is extraordinary and makes what it promises with much competence.It also has the extra to have a system that can be used for voice calls, which although not the best, is more than enough to “dispatch” that person who called us in the middle of a moment of relaxation.

If you need further details and prices, you should check the official Sony website.

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